The X Factor News Roundup! Check Out These Hot Stories — October 27, 2012
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The X Factor

The X Factor News Roundup! Check Out These Hot Stories — October 27, 2012

Just think, last week it was half speculation, half spoilers of fire. This week, we know who’s moving on to the Top 16, we got to know some of the top contenders, and we added another page to our Britney Spears fan fiction Tumblr. What? This:

Does Britney Spears Want Her Kids To Become Entertainers?
Jazz hands aside, Brit talks being a superstar mom.

X Factor Success! David Correy Moves On to The Top 16 AND Finds His Biological Mom
Tears. Literal tears. Down our cheeks.

The X Factor 2012’s CeCe Frey: Hotter Blonde or Brunette?
She’s looking a little different these days. Thoughts?

Confirmed: X Factor USA Picked Up For Season 3
Move over, haters. Planet X keeps on turnin’.

The X Factor’s Lyric Da Queen on Revolutionizing Radio, Sharing the Mic, and the Story Behind Her Signature Eye Patch — Exclusive
She’s more than just her attitude — check out some real talk to the extreme.

X Factor 2012 Drama: Will Girl Group LYLAS Have to Change Their Name?
What does Bruno Mars have to do with all this? Read and find out.

5 Things You Need to Know About David Correy
He wears a mean fedora, that’s for sure...

Watch X Factor 2012 Judges Reveal The Top 16 Finalists: Who Do You Think Will Win? (VIDEO)
Did you see this coming? Who’s going home next? You be the judge.

Which X Factor Judge Has the Winning Team? 2012 Finalist Power Rankings
Are Brit’s Teens the Ish? Does Simon have it in the bag with his Groups? This is what we think.

When Do The X Factor 2012 Live Shows With the Top 16 Start?
Voting is cool, guys. Get with the program.

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