“There’s No Crying in Muay Thai!” Top 10 Quotes From The Bachelorette Season 7, Episode 5
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The Bachelorette

“There’s No Crying in Muay Thai!” Top 10 Quotes From The Bachelorette Season 7, Episode 5

Bachelors say the darndest things — even when they’re not being punched in the face. Here are 10 memorable quotes from The Bachelorette Season 7, Episode 5:

10. How can you miss Bentley with a view like that?
Ashley [while the guys do Muay Thai training]: I felt bad but it was still kinda hot.

9. Put Ashley in the ring and let her at him!
Ashley [on Ben F.]: There's so much tension building up in this moment. I just want to jump on him. Rrarr!

8. But it’s usually worn by everyone else
Blake [on Ashley]: Spandex was invented for people like her.

7. And totally cheesy!
Ames [to Ashley]: They did various kinds of tests and things. And I was told that I'm totally in love.

6. Who has two feet he keeps sticking in his own mouth? This guy!
William: Who has two thumbs and is gonna win the rose on the 2-on-1? [Points to self] This guy!

5. Whenever you can, girl — don’t even ask
Ashley [to Lucas, wanting golf instructions]: Do I stick out my butt?

4. Which ones? NoChemistry.com? eLackofHarmony? BadMatch.com?
William [to Ashley on Ben C.]: From what I’ve heard around the house, he’s more looking forward to the dating websites when he gets off here.

3. But there’s plenty of crying elsewhere
JP: There's no crying in Muay Thai.

2. Aww, but he’s an Irish chef! Just give him an amuse-bouche challenge
JP [on Mickey]: The Jew from Long Island kicked the Irishman's ass from Cleveland.

1. Close, but not when Bentley’s still in play
William: I am the world’s, the world’s biggest f--king jackass.

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