Does Heather Dubrow Think Tamra Barney Has Manipulated Her? (VIDEO)
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Heather Dubrow

Does Heather Dubrow Think Tamra Barney Has Manipulated Her? (VIDEO)

The Real Housewives of Orange County’s resident fancypants, Heather Dubrow, took her turn on Watch What Happens Live this week and received the traditional weekly onslaught of viewer questions. No one’s tougher on the Housewives than the fans (except maybe Andy Cohen), and this caller was no exception.

“After the Bali trip, and all the conversation that you heard,” the fan asked, “can you see now that Tamra might have manipulated you for the last three years when you thought she wasn’t lying to you?”

Heather was noticeably taken aback by the caller’s query, replying, “Wow, that’s a heavy question.”

It took Heather a few seconds to formulate an answer, but eventually, she settled on a diplomatic one. “Um, you know what, Tamra and I are friends and, you know, when you have a friendship, you have to believe what they tell you. Do I think that things can get twisted and games of telephone go on and become something that they’re not? Yes. But I don’t feel she’s lied to me.”

Well, if Heather believes what she’s saying, then she’s beyond naive. We love Tamra, but her lies and manipulations are pretty well-documented. But we think Heather’s a lot smarter than that — so smart, in fact, that she wouldn’t let on that she’s aware of Tamra’s machinations. Since when did RHOC become a battle of wits?

Do you think Heather is trying to outsmart Tamra? Did Tamra lie to Heather? Sound off in the comments!