“This Is an All-Star Weave!” and More Top 10 Quotes From ANTM All-Stars Cycle 17, Episode 1!
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America's Next Top Model

“This Is an All-Star Weave!” and More Top 10 Quotes From ANTM All-Stars Cycle 17, Episode 1!

The all-stars are back, and they’re bringing more that just their stunning looks and signature walks to the game. The real challenge of the season? If these modelstants can get through an episode without saying something completely insane. (Personally, we’re doubtful.)

Check out the top 10 all-star doozies from Cycle 17, Episode 1, “Nicki Minaj,” and try not to pee your Lisa-inspired adult diaper while LOL-ing.

10. Kayla eye-rolls: “I’m this big gay flag over here.”
Actually, we’re pretty sure that’s Miss J.

9. Brittany attempts to channel real Brit-Brit: “It’s Brittany biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!”
Leave. Brittany. Alone!

8. Nicki pumps up the crowd: “Those look like panties to me. Do those look like panties to you?”
Congratulations, Nicki you’ve finally learned what panties look like!

7. Nicki Minaj hates curly hair: “If you’re gonna do the short hair, I would rather it be more sleek.”
Nicki has spoken. Y’all bitches better listen.

6. Nigel attempts humor: “This is an all-star weave I’m working here!”
Oh, Nigel. It’s best if you don’t speak.

5. Andre gives Laura a compliment: “You take hee-haw and you make it high fashion!”
Last time we checked, the only animals that go “hee-haw” are horses. What are you trying to say, Andre?

4. Lisa tries to say something intelligible: “I always knew that I was a star. Twinkle, twinkle, little star!”
When it doubt, just break out nursery rhymes. It’s sure to make people think you’re smart.

3. Random in crowd: “Alexandria needs to go home. I hate her. Even though I love her, I hate her too.”
We just straight-up love to hate her.

2. Bianca throws up in her mouth: “I see Lisa and the first thing I think of is, she peed in a diaper. Is this somebody I want to be associated with?”
Answer: Absolutely. We’d pee in Lisa’s diaper any day.

1. Tyra has no idea what she’s saying: “Now it’s time to send somebody home, though. We’re in the chambers.”
Um, what are “the chambers”? Oh God, Tyra’s been reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets again...

09.16.2011 / 07:18 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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