“This Isn’t Rocket Scientist!” Top 13 Deena Nicole Quotes of Jersey Shore Season 5
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“This Isn’t Rocket Scientist!” Top 13 Deena Nicole Quotes of Jersey Shore Season 5

As we waved goodbye to the smush room (and STDs, as Snooki reminded us), we realized that one little meatball really came into her own on Jersey Shore Season 5: Deena Nicole. Yes Deena, we like the boobs.

In honor of D fitting into the family so well and stealing America’s heart, we took a look back at some of her best Deena-isms this season. Snooki may be known for her vulgarity, but when it comes to constructing sentences, Deena takes the “I’m sorry” cake.

1. Re: Deena’s tangled weave: “My identity is tearing off of me at this point. How the f*ck are you gonna tell a guidette apart without her extensions?"
We would argue that Deena’s identity has more to do with Jersey Turnpiking than her hair.

2. "I know I'm not the smartest crayon in the box, but this isn't rocket scientist! We can make a party!"
No, Deena. Trying to understand you sometimes feels like rocket science, though.

3. “I Jersey Turnpike all night.”
With underwears and without ‘em.

4. While hooking up with Ronnie’s friend Joey, “I just keep trying to do sex and this clock keeps going off.”
Deena can only handle one sound during sex: “Merp”ing.

5. While driving: "Finally, signs I can read!"
Because they have pictures.

“This Isn’t Rocket Scientist!” Top 13 Deena Nicole Quotes of Jersey Shore Season 5
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6. Deena, prepping for Karma: “I don't know who I'm gonna make out with, but it's gonna be so good. I can't do sex."
Snooki: "You can have (bleep) sex."
Deena: "I'm not gonna try out (bleep) sex until I have a boyfriend."
The Rules according to Deena.

7. "Doing eyelashes when you're buzzed is not a good time."
But doing sex on the other hand...

8. About Mike: “A leopard never sheds his stripes.”
Just like a guidette never sheds her bronzer.

9. When Mike became mesmerized by a fire while camping: “Mike put down the freaking fire. He’s like one of those people, a hermaphrodite or whatever it is.”
Deena’s like one of those people, a scholar or whatever it is.

10. On her boobs: “So I got the ladies on blast, I call this one devil and this one angel.”
Funny, because most guys call them Left One and Right One.

And finally, a roundup of her best Hurricane Ilene-related Season 5 finale quotes:

11. “I’m taking cover. I saw the Wizard of Oz, I don’t want to be like Dorothy, up swinging all over the freaking sky with my dog and stuff.”

12 “Oh my god that’s a tornado whistle!”

13. “You almost got strucken!”

Deena, we’ve been strucken too. By Cupid’s arrow, gorgeous.

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