“This Was Sub-Standard” Len Goodman’s Grumpiest Moments From DWTS Season 13, Week 7
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Dancing With The Stars

“This Was Sub-Standard” Len Goodman’s Grumpiest Moments From DWTS Season 13, Week 7

Who says Len Goodman plays favorites? Grumpy was definitely in a better mood after the drama of Broadway Week, playing nice with almost everyone. Still, Len had a few grumpy tricks up his sleeve and he shared them with a new crop of victims on Dancing With the Stars Season 13’s Halloween Week (Week 7).

Len vs. J.R. Martinez
Len gushed over Rob Kardashian’s Tango to The Addams Family but had harsh words for J.R. Martinez’s Tango to Ghostbusters.

“To me this performance is sub-standard to what I expect from you,” he told J.R. “It’s your own fault! The last three weeks you have set such a high standard for yourself that our expectation is — this dance, the Tango of all the ballroom dances is perhaps the easiest regarding the footwork because it’s nearly every step is a heel lead. And you virtually did none. You were concentrating so much on the razzmatazz and the performance, you forgot to work on your feet.”

And yet Len gave both Rob and J.R. the same score of “8.” So was he just trying to make a point by giving J.R. some “tough love”?

“This Was Sub-Standard” Len Goodman’s Grumpiest Moments From DWTS Season 13, Week 7
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Len vs. Nancy Grace
None of the judges had any love for Nancy’s Jive but thankfully Len had started the night by giving David Arquette an “8” so any dance “worse” than that got a “7” instead of the “6s” that caused so much trouble last week.

Still, Len’s comments to Nancy sounded pretty close to last week’s “6” territory. “Certain dances suit you and certain dances don’t and it’s all to do with what you get at certain weeks, whether you stay in this competition or you go. For me, this wasn’t a good dance for you. You went wrong early on.” [The audience booed at this point and Len paused to tap his hands on the desk in frustration.] “The kicks weren’t sharp, you were a little bit flat-footed, there was no bounce through the ball of the foot. It was a disappointment for me and I guess it was for you.”

Actually, Nancy said she didn’t think their dance was that bad. Maybe she was expecting more “9s”?

Len vs. Team Tango
Maybe the Tango just isn’t J.R.’s dance. He got a double shot of Len’s bad medicine, first with his troubled Ghostbusters routine and then as the captain of Team Tango.

Len liked the group work by J.R., Nancy and David, but they were all trashed in one fell swoop when he declared “Each one of the individual performance was a disaster.” Ouch. Even Carrie Ann looked shocked at the bluntness of that statement and, of course, the audience booed.

Len gave this dance a “7,” while Carrie Ann and Bruno went for “8s.” Then again, Len gushed over Team Paso’s routine but only gave them an “8.” He only gave out one “9” all night and it went to Ricki Lake. OK so maybe he is still playing favorites...

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