This Week’s Winner and Loser in The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 2
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The Bachelor

This Week’s Winner and Loser in The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 2

In the race for Brad's heart, who's leading the pack and who's bringing up the tail? Regardless of how things played out this episode of The Bachelor, we're naming our picks for this episode's winner and loser.


Here's why:
1. She gets the first date of the season, and it's fun, sexy and deep. Very memorable.
2. Her first kiss with Brad is a hawt and they keep going for the rest of the date.
3. Although it's a downer, her conversation with Brad about shared daddy issues creates a bond beyond their obvious physical attraction.


Here's why:

1. Her method of insulting nemesis Raichel Goodyear is to say she's acting like a 21-year-old. Not a teenager, preteen, or 4-year-old. A 21-year-old. That's a compliment to the women on the show, who aren't much older than 21 anyway and often act like toddlers.
2. She brings her tearful Raichel drama to visiting Bachelorette couple Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez, basically outing herself to Ali as the Vienna of the season (so far). It's not a classy move.
3. She not only tearfully complains to Brad about Raichel, she then mentions her onion breath and the four slices of pizza she just ingested. Gross.
Bonus: She quit her job and spent tons of money on clothes to get here! And this is how her journey ends. Ouch.

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