Oscars 2014: The Three Hottest Celebrity Couples on the Red Carpet (VIDEO)

As head-turning as A-list Oscar attendees can be when they hit the red carpet solo, we always love when we get a double-dose of celeb hotness! But which duos are we most eager to see at this year's bash?

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult, for one. The two X-Men co-stars recently got back together after breaking up a year ago — but they haven't hit the red carpet together this award season. J.Law is Oscar-nominated for a third time this year, having won (and fallen) at last year's ceremony. We're hoping N.Hoult is there to offer a chivalrous arm should she need to scale the stairs to the stage again.

Then there's Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes — who first started dating after filming The Place Beyond the Pines together. Much as we'd love to imagine ourselves on Ryan's well-dressed arm as he strides down the red carpet, we're also big fans of Eva. And frankly, with all the breakup rumors running amok, they might wanna prove the naysayers wrong!

And finally, no couple pantheon would be complete without a mention of Brangelina — i.e. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — who have dominated countless red carpets over the years with their fashion, smitten-ness, and general sex appeal. Plus, they totally made us swoon all over again with those matching tuxedos at the BAFTAs this year.

Which couples are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments below!