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T.I. Corners Apollo Nida For Saying He’s an Informant: “Clarify For the People! (VIDEO)

Yikes, Apollo Nida’s certainly faced his share of uncomfortable situations before, but we imagine being cornered by rapper T.I. and his entourage tops them all. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star plead guilty to bank and wire fraud on May 6, and word soon got round that he’d struck a deal with the feds to aid in their investigation. When fans outcried that he was “snitching,” he tweeted using T.I. and Michael Vick as examples of how he wasn’t. Bad move, man.

The tweet in question read as follows: “Ur dumb as f—k its standard language in a federal plea agreement Michael Vicks TI's plea It's the same language different charge.” And while Apollo was in an Atlanta parking lot, T.I. took a moment to straighten the dude out about his own plea for drug charges.

After Apollo read back what he’d written to the rapper, T.I. responded with, “What language though? Ain’t no cooperation,” in reference to the implication that he was cooperating with the government.

“That’s not what it said,” Apollo explained. “See, I got the paperwork. That’s not what it said.”

“The way you said this s—t it sounded like he used a 35,” one of T.I.’s entourage pointed out. Now, we’re not sure what a 35 is, but it sounds like a clause in the plea agreement that says the participant will offer information to the feds — case in point, the “snitch” accusations befalling Apollo.

Though the Househusband insisted he doesn’t have such a clause, T.I.’s pal continued, “What I’m saying is, you don’t know his case. He don’t know your case.”

“Let’s clarify then!” T.I. jumped in. “It’s fine but straighten it up because perception is reality. Clarify for the people, man.”

Looks like Apollo took the rapper’s advice, as he soon deleted the tweet. We don’t blame him.

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Source: TMZ