T.I. Explains Why He Confronted Apollo Nida About Plea Deal Comments (VIDEO)
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T.I. Explains Why He Confronted Apollo Nida About Plea Deal Comments (VIDEO)

Something tells us Apollo Nida won’t be uttering the letters T and I in one breath anytime soon. The Real Housewives of Atlanta hubby was awkwardly cornered by T.I. last week after he referenced the rapper as someone who had the same federal plea agreement he does — though Apollo’s fraud charges differ wildly from Mr. Harris’s. T.I. is now explaining why he took the moment to straighten the Househusband out.

The “Dead and Gone” rapper stopped by Atlanta’s V-103 station this week, and host Big Tigger pried into the parking lot chat.

“Ain’t nothing happen,” T.I. explained, adding, “To be honest with you, my phone rang and somebody was like ‘dude says such and such’ … I hadn’t seen it but within 30 minutes, lo and behold, I had just happened to have been at an event and I saw him.”

That’s some bad luck on Apollo’s part! T.I. then detailed that he asked Phaedra Parks’s husband why he had written the tweet — which, if you remember, was as follows: “Its standard language in a federal plea agreement Michael Vicks TI's plea It's the same language different charge.” This was after Apollo had been accused of being a government “snitch.”

But whether or not Mr. Nida can be considered a rat of any sort, T.I. is not about to allow his name be roped into that mess. Apollo, however, denied the whole situation.

“He said he didn’t say it, so I asked him to clarify so people wouldn’t be misconstrued,” the hip hop star recounted. “I don’t have no slander. If you’re going to tell the truth on me, that’s fine. But, you know, he say he didn’t say it so cool. But, anybody that’s got something to say about me, make sure it’s the truth.”

When Big Tigger prompted T.I. to elaborate on what the plea deal situation really was, he had the following things to say:

“The wonderful thing about the federal government and the United States is that all agreements, plea agreements, are public record so you can pull Clifford Joseph Harris … It’s all out there man, so you can pull my agreement up. Just so you know what you’re looking for, it’s called a Prop 35 or rule 35 that’s associated with cooperation, when you agree to cooperate ... So when you’re looking at the paperwork and you’re looking at my agreement, look for that. Just read it in great detail, take your time, print it out… take it to your thinking seat, read it up.”

Ha! Well, at least we got that cleared up.

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