Tierra LiCausi’s Broken Engagement: Was This Her Wedding Site?
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Tierra LiCausi’s Broken Engagement: Was This Her Wedding Site?

It’s been almost nine months Bachelor Season 17 contestant Tierra LiCausi revealed that she’d ended things with her mysterious fiance, aka the man she got engaged to just weeks after Sean Lowe cut her loose. But while the broken union hasn’t seemed to take Tierra’s sparkle away — she looks amazing these days! — she might’ve failed at erasing the engagement’s digital footprint…

Some resourceful fans have dug up a wedding website on The Knot that appears to be Tierra and her ex’s official page (though we can’t be sure). According to the site, the man in question’s name is Anthony Luca and from what we can gather in photos, he’s a bit of a skater dude, complete with sleeve tattoos and spiky hair. He’s also, of course, fond of the shaka sign.

The (unconfirmed) site also includes their engagement story — apparently they got engaged five days after Sean’s season began airing — which Reality Steve says “sounded like an 8th grader wrote it.” As the story reads (it’s a bit lengthy, so we’ll do a little recap for ya), Tierra’s then-boyfriend tricked her into thinking he was away on business in Las Vegas, only to surprise her at home in Denver for the weekend. He then whisked her away on downtown evening adventure, complete with white Porsche limo.

See the supposed wedding website here!

“Cocktails, music and love was filling the limo and I was still beyond shock that he came home, surprised me and now were sitting in a limo together!” the supposed Tierra recalls.

In that very limo, just as they pulled up to the restaurant, Anthony got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. Then, they walked into the restaurant and both of their families joined them. “I couldn't be happier and it was a dream come true!” the real/faux/who knows Tierra says. We have to admit, it’s a cute story!

But alas, it was a love that couldn’t last. As we know now, just seven months later, the former reality star admitted she was single again — and had been for a few months. As we approach this weekend of June 14, the initial date for their cancelled wedding, we have to wonder what went wrong?

And on another note, why are we seeing photos of the mysterious guy now? Reality Steve points out that Tierra kept the guy’s identity private for so long, so it seems unlikely that she would have a public site like this.

“Whatever the case, she’s not marrying him this Saturday so I guess none of it matters,” the Bachelor scooper muses. #Sadbuttrue.

Do you think this is Tierra’s real wedding website? What do you think went wrong? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: Reality Steve / The Knot