Tierra LiCausi Shares First Pic Of Her Fiance!
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The Bachelor

Tierra LiCausi Shares First Pic Of Her Fiance!

Bachelor Season 17 contestant Tierra LiCausi's sparkle just exploded all over the internet — in the form of this beautiful Instagram picture of her mysterious fiance. It's all happening, people!

Up until now, Tierra's main squeeze has been something of an enigma. Here's what we know: These two dated before Tierra was cast on The Bachelor, and apparently they reconnected just days after Tierra was eliminated by Sean Lowe in St. Croix. Tierra's honey boo boo proposed in January with a four-carat yellow diamond, and the lovebirds are currently shacked up in Colorado!

But guys? We have yet to see physical proof that Tierra actually has a fiance. Until recently, she's refused to post pictures of him online, causing concern that she'd secretly become engaged to her Yorkshire terrier pup.

Luckily, Tierra assuaged our fears by sharing the first real picture of her fiance on Instagram...featuring his feet and nothing but his feet. "Stranded airport bound," Tierra posted along with her man's sneakers. "#delayed #nofun #withmylove."

Tierra LiCausi Shares First Pic Of Her Fiance!
Credit: Instagram    

The good news? Tierra's boy toy has amazing taste in kicks. The bad news? Tierra might have a foot fetish. Either way, we're just happy that girlfriend's hubby-to-be isn't a figment of her sparkle-infested imagination.

Source: Instagram