Former Disney Star Tiffany Thornton Accused of Abducting Her Children — By Her Husband (UPDATE)
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Former Disney Star Tiffany Thornton Accused of Abducting Her Children — By Her Husband (UPDATE)

UPDATE (9/20/2014): Here's some relatively good news: According to TMZ, Tiffany Thornton has reconciled with her husband, Chris Carney, and they're moving into his parents' house in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where his mother is the mayor. Chris has reportedly pledged to stop drinking, and Tiffany is said to have made him take a drug and alcohol test before reconciling. TMZ was also told the two are getting counseling, so they seem to be taking positive steps. Good luck to them!

UPDATE (5/24/2014): Did Tiffany Thornton take her kids away from husband Christopher Carney because she was worried about his heavy drinking? Christopher's mom, Ruth Carney, tells TMZ that she helped Tiffany escape with the couple's two children in an effort to get Christopher to sober up.

Tiffany and Chris are apparently talking and are in the process of patching things up, although Tiffany is said to be upset that Chris got the cops involved in what she considers to be a private matter. We wish all the best to the family.

Original story (5/23/2014): Tiffany Thornton is officially having a rough week. Just two months after giving birth to her second son with court officer Christopher Carney, her husband filed a report with the LAPD, that Tiffany (with the help of Chris’s mom, Ruth) has abducted their children. Whoa!

According to TMZ, Chris is convinced Tiffany’s erratic behavior can be traced back to postpartum depression — and the fact that they’ve disagreed on their religious beliefs. Tiffany’s incredibly religious, while Chris isn’t… and now, the former Disney star has run off with their children.

But here’s where it gets even weirder. A rep for Tiffany — who’s most well known for her role in Disney show Sonny With a Chance (starring Tiffany’s close friend, Demi Lovato) — says that the entire story is fabricated.

“Mr. Carney’s claims are false and they are being dealt with in the proper forum,” Tiffany’s lawyer tells E! News. “The fact that Mr. Carney has chosen to contact the media to publicize these claims raises serious concerns for Ms. Thornton, who does not believe that Mr. Carney’s desire for media attention is in the best interest of the party’s two young children.”

Tiffany and Chris tied the knot in November 2012 after two years together, and Tiffany’s co-star, Demi, stood at the altar with the couple as a bridesmaid. In August 2012, Tiffany and Chris’s first child, Kenneth was born.

Hmm. Something is definitely going on here, it’s just hard to tell exactly what that might be. And considering the fact that Tiffany’s Twitter has remained relatively active, it doesn’t seem like she’s trying to hide out somewhere with her kids. Here’s hoping we’ll get more info as the story develops!

Source: E! News, TMZ