ANTM’s Tiffany Richardson Speaks Out on “We Were All Rooting For You” Drama
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America's Next Top Model

ANTM’s Tiffany Richardson Speaks Out on “We Were All Rooting For You” Drama


It’s been nearly 12 years since Tyra Banks screamed, “I was rooting for you. We were all rooting for you,” in the most iconic moment of America’s Next Top Model history.

While the scene is simply one of the finest GIFs of reality TV to us, for Cycle 4 contestant Tiffany Richardson it’s the moment her public humiliation turned into a meme.

Now she’s spilling all of the secrets from that fateful evening and everything that led up to it.

Tiffany first joined the ANTM universe as a semifinalist in Cycle 3.

At the time she was doing drugs, stripping, and partying nonstop, the reality alum tells BuzzFeed.

Tiffany’s options were terrifyingly limited.

Top Model was my way out of what I was doing before I killed myself or did some crazy s—t,” the beautiful 30-something explains, “or ended up in jail or dead.”

But, the Miami resident's Cycle 3 journey ended with a crazy brawl.

Tiffany and the other semifinalists went out to a bar, where a woman poured a beer on the aspiring model’s weave. She promptly tossed a drink at her new enemy.

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Soon enough, the young mom was sent home before winning a finalist spot.

Yet producers “hinted” there was a way she could could return for Cycle 4.

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The ANTM team supposedly recommended anger management, which Tiffany tried for “a second.”  

Then, she “switched the answers” on the psych evaluation to seem more stable.

Soon enough, she was a finalist on the reality show — and everything went horribly wrong.

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On the week the former stripper was sent home, the contestants were asked to pronounce difficult-to-say designer names in a mini challenge.

“Every time I did something wrong, I’d shut down a little bit more, and it just got to the point where I was over it,” Tiffany says of the entire filming process.

“I felt like we were just there to be humiliated.”

That theory was proven correct during her shocking elimination.

The unedited “we were all rooting for you” blowout was “1,000 times worse,” during filming, Tiffany claims.

The UPN alum says Tyra told her, “You can go back to your house and sleep on your mattress on the floor with your baby,” during the infamous tirade.

Despite that shocking allegation — of which there is no video proof — the mom of two isn’t bitter.

“She don’t owe me nothing,” she says of her former modeling mentor.  “I’m good.”

While Tiffany isn’t upset anymore, we bet new ANTM host Rita Ora still refuses to utter the word “rooting” on television.

America’s Next Top Model airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on VH1.

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