Will Tim Howard Join Dancing With the Stars Season 19 — With Cheryl Burke?
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Dancing With The Stars

Will Tim Howard Join Dancing With the Stars Season 19 — With Cheryl Burke?

Who wouldn’t want U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard on their show right now? Dancing With the Stars producers are currently planning the cast for the spring 2014 Season 19, and HollywoodLife said they have their eyes on the World Cup star.

Tim, 35, was named man of the match a couple of times during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, including on July 1 during the U.S. loss to Belgium. In that match, he broke the record for the most saves at a World Cup, with 16.

HollywoodLife’s source said producers are not only going to ask Tim to join the show, they have a partner in mind. “Cheryl Burke is the frontrunner if Tim joins the show,” HL’s source said. “She wants to dance with him and once the holiday passes, he will 100 percent be asked to join the show.”

It’s a safe guess that any one of the pro ladies would like to dance with someone as popular and fit as Tim. Maybe Cheryl Burke gets first dibs from seniority — or because she's had a string of not-that-great dancers, from D.L. Hughley and Jack Osbourne (who was OK) to Season 18's Drew Carey. She's due another contender. But she did just joke that she wanted Guillermo of Jimmy Kimmel Live as her Season 19 partner, so now he’s going to be jealous!

Do you think Tim should (and will) do DWTS? We haven’t had a soccer star on DWTS since Hope Solo. There was talk that Landon Donovan might be cast, but every couple of years there’s talk that Landon Donovan might be cast. Maybe now is the time. Maybe not.

DWTS Season 19 premieres this fall on ABC.

Source: HollywoodLife