Tim McGraw “Swatted” a Concertgoer — He Responds, She Hires Lawyer (UPDATE)

UPDATE (8/8/14): Jesslyn Taylor's lawyer told TMZ the matter has "been mutually resolved the old-fashioned way ... with a simple conversation." No money? That's not said one way or the other. But at least she got to talk to Tim McGraw. That's great for any Tim lover, and she must've been a big fan to even get into this whole situation.

UPDATE (7/26/14): She's not gonna take this swatting lying down! According to TMZ, Jesslyn Taylor has hired a lawyer, and that lawyer has already contacted Tim McGraw's people. The lawyer told TMZ that Jesslyn was not trying to grab Tim's privates, she just wanted to touch him in the "interactive environment" of the concert. Jesslyn feels humiliated and wants an apology, he said. TMZ said police officers side with Tim and feel he's the victim. We'll have to see if this turns into an official suit and, if so, what she asks for.

UPDATE (7/21/2014): Well that didn’t take long! Just a few days after a video surfaced of Tim McGraw allegedly slapping a female concertgoer at his Atlanta concert, the country star is speaking out about what went down.

“Sometimes things can lose context and perspective. I reacted in an instinctive, defensive way from my perspective of what was going on. I think it was an unfortunate situation, I think all the way around,” Tim told ET Canada. “But it happened, it happened in a split second, it was pure instinctive reaction, I think you just got to move on. It is one of those things that happen, nobody feels good about it, but there’s nothing that could be done about it. You are in that position, you are out there, you are vulnerable, things happen and sometimes you react.”

We have to agree that in the spur of the moment Tim could have sensed something about to go down, but nothing did happen. It seems like he’s really remorseful about the whole situation and definitely feel for him. Hopefully this is over and done with.

Get back to climbing those charts, Tim! Just keep your hands to yourself next time.

Original Story (7/18/2014): Attending a Tim McGraw concert: the price of a ticket. Getting allegedly “swatted” by Tim McGraw: priceless.

Footage from Tim’s Sunday night concert at Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood in Atlanta, Georgia shows the 47-year-old “My Little Girl” singer reacting when a fan reportedly grabbed onto him — and some are saying that it looks like a slap.

“Tim was singing out in the audience and someone firmly grabbed onto his leg and wouldn’t let go as he was moving through the crowd,” a spokesperson told TMZ, who obtained the video. “He instinctively swatted to try to keep them from ripping his jeans (which they succeeded at doing!), and so he could get to more fans who could slap hands with him before the end of the show.”

The video is a little fuzzy and it’s hard to make out exactly what happened between the concertgoer and Tim, but we just hope nobody was hurt — you know, besides Tim’s jeans. Tim has been a heartthrob in the country music industry for decades and has one of the classiest wives in the business, so we don’t think he’d purposely hurt another lady.

Check out the video above and judge for yourself!

07.18.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Carson Blackwelder
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