Tina Knowles Addresses Beyoncé and Jay Z Divorce Rumors (VIDEO)

Enough is enough. Beyoncé’s mama, Tina Knowles, is shooting down all those nasty rumors that her baby girl and son-in-law Jay Z are getting divorced. Watch the video above to fully appreciate where Queen Bey got her fierceness from.

We’ve got TMZ to thank for this footage, which caught Tina out and about in Beverly Hills and in a surprisingly chatty mood.

“I’ve got to ask you,” the cameraman begins. “There’s been a lot of back and forth in the media about Beyoncé and Jay’s relationship” — Here we get the distinct impression Tina’s rolling her eyes behind her sunglasses — “I wanted to give you an opportunity to sort of set the record straight…”

Tina has heard enough. “You want to give me an opportunity?! How kind of you to do that.”

Oh Mama Knowles, we should have known you’d be as fierce as your daughter. She proceeds to real talk some sense into the world about how things actually stand in the Carter household including the choice “Well, you know, haters gonna be haters and there’s nothing we can do about that.”

Also props to the paparazzo for being so polite! You know what they say: You can catch more Beys with honey than with vinegar.

Hear everything Tina’s got to say about Bey and Jay in the clip above. Then hit the comments to tell us what you make of what she said.

Source: TMZ