Guess Who?

This Tiny Baby Is Now a Super-Famous Reality Star! Who Is She?

Although she's calmed down since becoming a mama, this celeb rose to fame during a serious bottle-hitting phase of her life. Last week, she showed us a photo of when she was hitting a very different, much more wholesome kind of bottle.

This infamous reality star looks more like a Cabbage Patch Kid than a former party queen in this photo, but we all grew from somewhere! With those pouty brown eyes, we just want to give this baby a big ol' hug. But who is she?

"Will my daughter look like me as a baby?" the 26-year-old star wondered in her Throwback Thursday post on Twitter. So there's a major hint: She's pregnant with a baby girl!

If you're still not getting it, we'll let a bigger hint slip: Her baby daughter will join a big brother, who's just under 2 years old.

Think you know who this little munchkin is? Click through to see if you're right!