“Tire Marks on My Cleavage” and More PLL Quotes From Season 1, Episode 16
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Pretty Little Liars

“Tire Marks on My Cleavage” and More PLL Quotes From Season 1, Episode 16

Anyone can lie; it takes practice to do it with style. We've rounded up the best quotes from Season 1, Episode 16 of Pretty Little Liars. Looks like Hanna was on a roll!

10. Caleb: “Can I speak now?”
Hanna: “If you must, but it’s really annoying.”
Hanna’s is annoyed when listening to anyone’s voice but her own.

9. Emily: “Is my chemistry book over there?”
Spencer: “I don’t see it.”
Emily: “It's probably in the room, Spence — not the front yard.”
Emily keeps Spencer on task.

8. Hanna: “Someone’s been sneaking out of the building in the middle of the night, which makes zero sense. Who would want to be here longer than they have to?”
Hanna makes no effort to hide her true feelings for studying.

7. Spencer: “Hanna, I like stray dogs, too, but sometimes they bite.”
Hanna (about Caleb): “Well, he’s had his shots.”
People love it when you refer to them as a dog, right?

6. Hanna: “I have a swim meet.”
Caleb: “You can fit all of that under a cap?”
Apparently, it doesn’t take much to impress Caleb.

5. Byron: “So it’s just gonna be you and your brother tonight, and he wants to order in from Sausage Heaven.”
Aria: “Again — seriously? Dad, the closest thing they have to a vegetable is a paper plate.”
People actually eat vegetables? Lame!

4. Hanna (about Caleb not living at school): “Maybe it’s for the best. I mean, the place has small closets.”
Closet space is pretty much the only thing that matters to Hanna.

3. Hanna: “‘A’ owes me — hospital bills, pain and suffering, tire marks on my cleavage...”
Hanna gets run over by a car and left for dead *one time* and never lets it go.

2. Caleb: “Hey, remind me — which one’s Lindsay and which one’s Bridget?”
Hanna: “Bridget’s the one drinking from her purse.”
Sounds like Bridget took a page out of Hanna’s playbook!

1. Aria: “How’s your eye? Any better?”
Caleb: “Still burning. You want a sharp stick for the other one?”
Hanna: “Okay, you know what? It was just hairspray — it was light hold!”
We never knew that hair care products could be used as a weapon.

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