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TLC’s Chilli’s Son Tron Is 17 Now! See How Much He’s Grown! (VIDEO)

It was just a few years after TLC’s single “Waterfalls” hit the radio circuit in 1995 when Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas welcomed her first son, Tron Austin, in 1997. Tron is the TLC’s singer first and only son with then-boyfriend, record producer Dallas Austin, and guess what? Their kid is a teenager now!

Tron is just like any other teenager (except for the fact that his mom is Chilli), who takes to social media to chronicle his life. Whether he’s snapping selfies, posing with his girlfriend, or just sharing some sweet #TBT photos, this 17-year-old is proving that he got it from his momma (and dad)!

Chilli, 43, is of Middle Eastern, African American, and Native American descent, while Tron’s father, 43, is African American. Talk about a perfect combination!

But what’s the other thing Tron inherited from his parents? Their shared love for music! This kid is already playing the drums and mixing beats. We might just have the next big musician/producer on our hands!

So, want to see what Tron looks like today? Watch the video above to see him grow from baby to teenager!