TLC Responds to Rihanna’s Online Jab: Talk to Us, Don’t Start a Twitter War
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TLC Responds to Rihanna’s Online Jab: Talk to Us, Don’t Start a Twitter War

Last week, girl group TLC were accused of slamming Rihanna for her constant nudity. In retaliation, Rihanna hopped on Twitter to throw massive amounts of shade at the girl group by posting snide comments and even one of their own semi-naked photos. Now, members Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas are firing back at the pop singer, saying not only were they misquoted, but that she should’ve spoken to them if she felt offended.

“This whole conversation had nothing to do with her anyway. It wasn’t about her at all, whatsoever,” T-Boz told Yahoo! reporters in Australia. T-Boz also said, “If we have a problem with an artist or an artist has a problem with us, come to us directly. Talk to us, don’t start a Twitter war … that’s silly.”

The duo took a break from their sold-out tour across the country down to with a news outlet down under to explain how the whole TLC vs. Rihanna mishap started, asserting they hadn’t seen RiRi’s nipple-friendly attire at the CFDA awards to give an opinion. They were talking about women feeling pressured to sell sex in the industry, and the conversation was ultimately chopped and screwed with Rihanna’s images to get a good story.

“Someone asked a question, have we seen Rihanna’s outfit and I said no, because we’re over here touring and I didn’t know there’s an award show and I had no clue what she wore,” T-Boz said, with Chilli adding, “We never mentioned any artist’s name.”

T-Boz continued, saying, “You heard me say something ‘Every time we see you, you’re naked’ and they put her picture up … How can I talk about something I didn’t even see or care about? They even took my comment ‘a spade is a spade’ out of context … I was talking about television shows.”

“The unfortunate part is we were giving a positive message to little girls … When we’re talking about people not wearing clothes or being naked all the time or whatever, that’s a whole lot of people … and I said if that’s their thing, and they feel comfortable doing that, then whatever that works for them. But you don’t have to go that route if you don’t want to. And we don’t want people to think that’s what you have to do,”Chilli said.

And as for Rihanna’s retaliation post of the group’s topless photo, T-Boz explained it was a spread they did for breast cancer and the only photo of the three (with member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes) topless “in 22 years of our career.” “Anytime we do something like that, there’s a reason behind it,” Chilli added.

And while both ladies brushed off Rihanna’s online taunts, the ladies did find fault with the way Rihanna’s Navy (aka fans) addressed the situation.

“The thing that is saddening to me, is our youth today, when you think you’re riding for an artist … and you start threatening lives and threatening our kids, come on, man, y’all taking it too far.”

Rihanna has since changed her Twitter profile, and even deleted some of her remarks, but she hasn’t addressed the groups’ interview.

What do you think of TLC’s explanation of the entire “feud” between them and Rihanna? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Yahoo! News

06.11.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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