Teen Mom 3 Premiere: Top 3 OMG Moments
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Teen Mom 3 Premiere: Top 3 OMG Moments

Teen Mom 3 made its debut premiere on Monday, August 26 with a two-hour episode, and the show gave fans a double dose of baby mama drama. With Teen Mom newbies Mackenzie Douthit, Briana Dejesus, Alexandria Sekella, and Katie Yeager leading the way, the show had many jaw-dropping moments, that we could hardly believe this was just the premiere! Here’s the top three OMG moments from the episode.

Briana Files Order of Protection:

Briana proved that she was was not the lady to mess with last night when she filed an order of protection against her ex, Devoin Austin II. According to Bri, her baby daddy had been saying some pretty shady things about her and even threatened her on Twitter! While the charges didn’t stick, Briana made a statement last night: she’s definitely not afraid of having the law by her side when it comes to the welfare of she and her child, Nova.

Alexandria and the “Missing Money”

What should’ve been a fun parents’ night out, turned for the worse when Alex and her baby daddy, Matt McCann, found themselves in a part of town filled with temptation for Matt, who had been recently released from rehab for heroin addiction. When Matt runs into a store to get food, he comes back to the car five minutes later without food — or the money Alex gave him to get it. The two argue back and forth about the “missing” money, which Matt says he spent on candy he quickly ate. Angry and upset, Alex drives home, and we get a sense that this is the beginning of an epic struggle.

Katie Gets Engaged!

As the two-hour premiere came to a close, we were in for a sweet treat when we see Katie’s baby daddy, Joey Maes, asks their (at the time) 5-month-old baby girl Molli, if he could ask her mom to marry him. Moments later, we see Katie and Joey on their romantic date and as their dessert arrives, we see Katie’s face as she looks at the rock sitting on top of her cheesecake. Joey then gets down on one knee and proposes to the Teen Mom, who then says yes. Katie jokes that Joey will finally make an “honest woman” out of her, and the show concludes with Katie and Joey back at home with Molli who is trying to bite her mama’s ring.

And guys, this was only the premiere! We can’t see what other OMG moments are in store for us!

A new episode of Teen Mom 3 airs Monday, September 2, 2013 at 10 p.m. on MTV. Will you tune in? Tell us below!