Teen Mom 3 Trailer Premieres Tonight
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Teen Mom

Teen Mom 3 Trailer Premieres Tonight

It's been weeks (nay, months!) since our Teen Mom sista-friends have hit up the small screen, and our summer has been a sad-spiral of pizza binge-eating sessions as a result. The good news? There's a light at the end of this tragic tunnel, and it's name is Teen Mom 3.

MTV's brand-spankin' new chapter in the Teen Mom story is set to air Monday, August 26, 2013 at 10 p.m., and the very first preview goes down tonight, July 16, during an all-new episode of Catfish (but you can catch an advanced peek here!). As you might expect, Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit, Alexandria Sekella, Katie Yeager, and Briana Dejesus are beyond excited about the promo, and they've taken to the interwebs in celebration!

"The trailers the best part of the whole show...then the reunion," Briana tweeted, while Katie added "It is pretty amazing. Nothing can top the reunion though!!"

Meanwhile, Alex tweeted "trying to spend the last few hours of my normal life happy n I can't sleep," following up with "we're going to red lobster to celebrate." Sigh, nothing says "I'm gonna be famous!" like feasting on a giant plate of lobster, right guys?

Tonight is definitely a monumental moment in Alex, Mackenzie, Katie and Briana's lives — not only will they become household names, but they're opening themselves up to criticism, judgment, and whole lotta love. And yes, the preview includes tons of tears, plenty of OMG-moments, and a slew of screaming babies. In other words, a recipe for success!

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