Alicia DiMichele to Divorce Eddie Garofalo — And They’ve Been Separated for Four Years!
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Alicia DiMichele

Alicia DiMichele to Divorce Eddie Garofalo — And They’ve Been Separated for Four Years!

All season long on Mob Wives: New Blood, Alicia DiMichele has butted heads with co-star Renee Graziano over Renee’s relationship with Alicia’s husband, Edward Garofalo. The newbie’s hubby is currently in jail, but Alicia believed Renee to be facilitatory in Eddie’s past rumored affair with an ex-girlfriend. However, it appears all of the energy spent was for naught, as Alicia just announced that she is filing for divorce.

“My husband and I aren’t together anymore,” Alicia reveals to in a new interview. “I’m filing for divorce within the next couple of months.”

The big bombshell? While this season of the VH1 reality show has followed the storyline of Alicia catching Eddie talking to his ex-girlfriend, Carla Murino, via police wiretaps, she says the truth is that she discovered this infidelity many years ago.

“I just would like to clarify that the issue for what’s being portrayed on the show. They’re acting like it’s now,” she details. “But it’s been four years. We haven’t been together since then.” Whoa! But why would she wait so long to leave Eddie, then?

Well, Alicia says she tried to tough it out for the sake of their three children, but eventually it became too difficult. She now believes they’re too far gone to hope for a reconciliation.

“It’s just come to the time where I’ve made that decision that I just don’t feel like it’s something that I can get over,” the Philly gal admits about her husband’s secret relationship. “I just endured too much as a woman of betrayal.”

The first act of betrayal was when, four years ago, Alicia’s husband told her he was staying late at work, but in actuality was out with Carla. Oh, and she was pregnant.

“I was eight months pregnant, and he lied and said he was working,” Alicia says. “And he actually was going out to dinner with her and didn’t come home.”

Eddie is now in a Brooklyn prison, and Alicia is awaiting sentencing for pleading guilty to her own charges of fraud and embezzlement (related to a trucking company she ran with her husband). Her biggest fear? That she’ll have to leave her children without both parents.

“At the end of the day, I could be taken away from my children,” Alicia says. “I don’t know what’s worse than that.”

Props for sticking up for yourself, Alicia! You don’t need a man like that in your life. We wish Alicia and her children the best during this tough time.

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