Toby Is “A”, Halloween Spoilers, Winter Season Clues: Pretty Little Liars Week in Review 8/31
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Pretty Little Liars

Toby Is “A”, Halloween Spoilers, Winter Season Clues: Pretty Little Liars Week in Review 8/31

Let’s review everything that happened during the biggest week in Pretty Little Liars history! Are you ready?

- Shocking but true: Toby is “A”! We want to know how long he’s been on the “A” team, and why he told Emily in the final moments, “I owe you one.” We found out if he’s just infiltrating the “A” team with good intentions. Also, did he really have sex with Spencer?

- But we still had tons of questions! Some that we did answer for sure: We know who shot Caleb, if Caleb dies, whether or not Nate was on the “A” team, and what Maya said to Emily in her final video.

- Still, so many left! Who else is on the “A” team? What’s Garrett’s connection? When will Jenna come back? Why does Toby hate the Liars so much?

- We rounded up the best quotes and all the songs from the summer finale.

- Spoilers galore for the Halloween special, including a possible Haleb scene, the official promo video, who plays a super-important role, and which couple gets “creepy scenes.”

- Speaking of creepy scenes, check out these photos from Pretty Dirty Secrets. And don’t forget to watch the first episode!

- We already know a ton of spoilers about the Season 3 winter season! Ezria blows up, the two most crucial storylines revealed, “terrifying scenes,who Paige is talking to, and what Mona will be like. Also, is another Charmed star joining the cast?

- As for the Little Liars themselves, we discovered Shay Mitchell’s favorite TV show and possible wrist tattoo, loved Lucy’s see-through style, and dug Ashley’s newest movie clip.

- Finally, for fun, we took a look at Ezria’s best Season 3 moments so far.

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