Todd Tucker’s Mom Is Livid After Mama Joyce Called Her a “Prostitute” on TV! (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Todd Tucker’s Mom Is Livid After Mama Joyce Called Her a “Prostitute” on TV! (VIDEO)

It goes without saying that when someone calls you a name like a “prostitute” or “ho,” you’re not going to be pleased. But imagine that person is 1) your in-law, and 2) saying it on national television. Well, that happened for Todd Tucker’s mom during the June 1 premiere of Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s Wedding, and let’s just say, the fallout ain’t pretty.

Per usual, Mama Joyce was raising a bit of hell when it came to Todd and Kandi’s impending nuptials. With the actual big day in clear sight, she had taken to spreading some nasty rumors that Todd was “raised by a pimp and prostitute,” furthering her agenda that Kandi’s man is a born hustler.

Now, we know Joyce and Todd’s mom nearly come to blows at some point in the season, but according to photos from the wedding, they seemed to have agreed to be civil for the big event. But did all that goodwill go poof after Sunday’s ep aired?

“His mama is on 10 after seeing this past episode when my mom was calling her a whore,” Kandi told The YBF this week, before immediately regretting using the word. “Oh, that was horrible. Sorry. That was not true by the way. His mother is so upset over what my mother said about her.”

Of course, it’s not shocking at all that Todd’s mother would be horrified by such statements. Maybe a new little grandson or granddaughter might help to bring the peace? One can hope!

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Source: The YBF