Todd Tucker’s Daughter Kaela Turns 18 — See How Grown Up She Is! (PHOTOS)
Credit: Kandi Burruss on Instagram    

Kandi Burruss

Todd Tucker’s Daughter Kaela Turns 18 — See How Grown Up She Is! (PHOTOS)

Newlyweds Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker are basically kids at heart — who else would have a movie-themed wedding, complete with lions? — and they look like they’re barely out of their 20s. But if you can believe it, Todd’s only daughter Kaela is a full-grown woman now, having turned 18 this week!

Kandi took to Instagram on June 17 to wish her new stepdaughter a happy birthday and to welcome her into adulthood.

“Happy Birthday @kpt__ !!!!!!! You're grown now! I hope you have the best birthday ever & I love you!!!! Everybody send @kpt__ some bday love! #sheis18 #ToddsBabyisnotababyanymore,” Kandi captions a collage of gorgeous shots of Kae.

And what a great stepmom Kandi is! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star chose some fab pics of her hubby’s not-so-little girl to show off on the social media site. Don’t you wish your mother was as savvy as this Housewife is? Our mom would totally pick some embarrassing baby shot or a rancid makeup-free photo from that family beach day. “Oh, but you look so adorable!” she’d say. Sorry, we digress...

At the end of the day, we have to congratulate Todd for raising such a beautiful young lady and Kandi for being so supportive of Kaela. Congrats little lady!

Can you believe Todd is old enough for his daughter to now be an official adult? Share your thoughts down below.