Todd Tucker Can’t Believe Kandi Burruss Lied to Him About “Streetwalker” Comment! (VIDEO)
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Todd Tucker Can’t Believe Kandi Burruss Lied to Him About “Streetwalker” Comment! (VIDEO)

There were many nasty words exchanged between Kandi Burruss’ Mama Joyce and now-husband Todd Tucker’s mom, Sharon, but perhaps the straw that broke the camel’s back was when Joyce called Sharon a streetwalker on an early episode of Kandi’s Wedding.

Joyce was wise enough not to sling that insult at Sharon’s face, but Todd’s mom did learn about everything Joyce had to say about her when she watched the show back on television with the rest of us.

Kandi and Todd were both on Watch What Happens Live on July 6, and apparently their respective mamas haven’t called a truce. When a viewer called in wondering if Joyce and Sharon have seen each other since the wedding back in April, Todd said, “They have not, and it’s been tough for my mom to watch the show. She’s really mad.”

Kandi agreed that Sharon was angry, and Andy surmised that it was because Joyce called her a prostitute. Not only did Todd confirm Andy’s theory, but he also revealed that Mama Joyce’s words created tension between him and Kandi as well.

Kandi elected not to tell Todd about the streetwalker comment (likely in an effort to keep the peace), but Todd didn’t appreciate the lie by omission. “Kandi didn’t tell me,” he exclaimed. “I was like, ‘Did Kandi just lie to me, my future wife?’”

Kandi and Todd of course seem fine with each other now, but their feuding mothers are a different story. “It was really bad. It was tough to see,” Todd concluded.

Kandi’s Wedding may be over for now — with record-breaking ratings to boot — but we certainly hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of this feuding family!

Do you think Mama Joyce and Sharon will eventually call a truce, maybe by the time there’s a grandbaby in the picture? Watch the full clip, and then vote below!

07.11.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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