Todd Tucker Gets a New Suit — Is it For His Wedding to Kandi? (PHOTO)
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Kandi Burruss

Todd Tucker Gets a New Suit — Is it For His Wedding to Kandi? (PHOTO)

Is Kandi Burruss getting ready to tie the knot with fiance Todd Tucker?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star posted a photo to her Instagram account of Todd looking particularly dapper in a sleek new suit from Atlanta’s Buckhead Haberdashery, leading many to wonder if the two are getting ready to walk down the aisle.

While Todd’s suit certainly doesn’t bear much resemblance to the typical tuxedo, Kandi’s admitted in the past that she’s happy to have her big day be a casual affair, thanks to her mother’s non-stop feuding with her man.

“I doubt we're going to do an actual wedding. We'll probably just do the straight trip to the courthouse,” revealed Kandi of her plans for her nuptials. "I don't know if I could walk down the aisle with my mother being there.”

Todd and Kandi’s mom, Joyce, may have to learn to live with each other at some point, but it looks like they’ve still got plenty of animosity to work out before that happens.

“I think everyone has a breaking point,” Todd said just last month of his future mother-in-law’s meddling. “You know, the lies, that stuff is really tough. I have a mom and it affects my mother, it affects my daughter. It affects Kandi’s daughter.”

What do you think of Todd’s dapper look? Do you think he and Kandi are preparing to walk down the aisle?

Source: Instagram