Todd Tucker Threatens to Leave Kandi Burruss Over Mama Joyce!
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Todd Tucker Threatens to Leave Kandi Burruss Over Mama Joyce!

Todd Tucker is at the end of his rope, and it's all thanks to the neverending drama between his fiancée, Kandi Burruss, and her mother, affectionately known to Real Housewives of Atlanta fans as Mama Joyce. Things come to a head during this week's all-new episode on February 16 when Todd brings Kandi to tears after suggesting they call it quits!

It all starts when Kandi tells Todd about a voicemail her mom left Carmon, in which she threatens to "drag her ass up and down the damn street like a damn rag." Way to keep it classy, J. But the real zinger? Mama Joyce's alleged plot to get photographic evidence of Todd in the act with other ladies. And let's just say Todd isn't too happy about this new development.

"Your mama has your mind f—d, and she continues to mind f— you. If you don’t check that shit, she’ll continue to run this relationship, run this house, run your business, and everything else," he tells Kandi. "Even for me, there’s only a certain amount of time before I’ll feel like, 'I love you babe, but we can be friends.'"

Whoa, there! Is Todd really ready to end things? That's the question Kandi needs answered immediately.

"So you say that you're leaving me?" she asks, holding back tears.

"I'm saying it may be an option," Todd replies bluntly.

Even still, Kandi continues to defend her mom because blood is thicker than water. "I'd rather be the one with their feelings hurt before I'm going to let my mama be upset. That's just how I roll and I'm sorry that y'all don't like it."

Todd keeps it real with Kandi, letting her know that no man would stick around and subject himself to such blatant disrespect. And as much as we'd love to see Kandi and Todd walk down the aisle one day, we have to agree. In fact, we're surprised Todd has managed to tolerate Mama Joyce's behavior for as long as he has.

Clearly, it's time for Kandi to make a choice — and thankfully, she agrees to see a counselor to help figure things out. We just hope it's not too late.

Do you think Todd is being fair to Kandi or is he totally justified? Weigh in below!