Parents Outraged After Part of Toddler’s Ear Gets Bitten Off at Daycare
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Parents Outraged After Part of Toddler’s Ear Gets Bitten Off at Daycare

It’s every parent’s worst fear — a call comes in from the daycare saying there’s been an accident involving your child. For these parents, the accident was downright horrific, and since they feel they weren’t told the truth about what happened, they are incensed.

According to the Daily Mirror, the almost 2-year-old boy, Daniyaal Abubaker, was attending the Mucky Pups Day Nursery in his hometown of Birmingham for the second day in a row when his mother received a call saying that their son had fallen and might require stitches.

Daniyaal’s horrified mother Afsha quickly rushed her son to the hospital, where he received emergency care in the form of 10 stitches in his ear, where a piece was missing. The concerned mom said when she tried to determine exactly what happened at Mucky Pups, she received several conflicting reports, including one that indicated that his ear had been bitten by another child, and that the piece that was bitten off was eaten by the other student (ew…).

An understandably distraught Afsha explained to the Mirror, “We still don’t know what happened to our son to this day, but to see your son in terrible pain with part of his ear missing was just horrific. I couldn’t stop crying. Daniyaal has been left traumatised.”

A few days after the incident inspectors looked into the daycare and found it “inadequate” mere days after the incident took place. The owner has declined to comment, saying that the matter is now in the hands of her attorneys.

Hopefully these parents will get some answers soon. We know things are done differently across the pond, but if that happened here in the U.S., we have no doubt that the Abubaker’s would be consulting a good lawyer right about now.

Source: Daily Mirror

11.25.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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