This Adorable Toddler’s Infectious Laugh Will Make Your Day (VIDEO)
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This Adorable Toddler’s Infectious Laugh Will Make Your Day (VIDEO)


Get ready to be seriously jealous of a toddler.

While you’re typing away at work, one three-year-old boy is having the time of his life in music class.

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The unnamed cutie has the world’s most infectious laugh and is bringing smiles to everyone on the Internet with a single video.

The adorable kid got a serious case of the giggles on July 14, while he and his classmates in Levittown, New York sang “Clap Your Hands Together.”

The rest of his pals were shy about their laughter, but this little guy was feeling very extroverted that day.

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As his teacher asks everyone, “Ready?” the now-famous tot is the only one to yell, “Yeah!” at the highest pitch possible.

As the clapping gets faster, the boy’s laugher only gets louder and happier, which everyone else clearly notices.

The child brings so much joy to those around him, his apparent best friend can’t help but give him a huge hug.

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Except to see Unnamed Laughing Toddler on The Ellen DeGeneres show ASAP.