3-Year-Old Caught Inside Sofa Bed Suffocates
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3-Year-Old Caught Inside Sofa Bed Suffocates

They make child guards for almost everything, from the toilet lid to prevent drowning to the cupboard locks to keep wandering hands away from the cleaning chemicals. For the older kids, there are Internet, TV, and game system parental controls. But what about a sofa bed? We never think about our furniture being a potential hazard, but 3-year-old Aissante Diallo of Harlem was that unfortunate victim.

Aissante was playing in her apartment on Sunday with her sister when the sofa bed she was on retracted. She and her 10-year-old sister were trapped inside. According to the New York Post, the older sister escaped but Aissante was trapped and eventually suffocated.

The sisters, along with two other siblings, were under the care of their mother’s boyfriend, who may or may not have been inside the apartment when the incident occurred. Police have been investigating, and sources have called his story inconsistent.

Neighbors are crushed by the news, and many shared stories of how wonderful these kids are. “They are such beautiful girls, such good manners, always holding the door for each other,” said Shameere Warren, 33. “Their hair is always done perfectly, always clean clothes, dressed nice, just beautiful children. They’re always laughing and racing to the stairs when I see them.”

Arthur Dash, 35, who lives below the family, made sure to say that the family isn’t to blame. “It was a freak accident that could have happened to anyone,” he said. “These are the types of tragedies you can only pray about. This is a quiet building and a very good family. “

Investigators are waiting for the report from the city’s medical examiner to determine whether anyone should be charged. Our thoughts and hearts go out to the family of this poor little girl.

Source: New York Post

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09.24.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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