See Tom Avery in Lego Form — Still a Dashing Doppelganger (PHOTO)
Credit: Paul Wesley on Instagram    

The Vampire Diaries

See Tom Avery in Lego Form — Still a Dashing Doppelganger (PHOTO)

Ever wonder what Stefan’s most amiable doppelganger might look like in Lego form? Well, wonder no longer! Paul Wesley has found a Lego that looks just like his main character’s ill-fated doppelganger, Tom Avery, on The Vampire Diaries. Check it out!

“Tom Avery the Lego,” Paul awesomely captioned this Instagram photo of an scruffy-haired Lego character. If you’ll recall, Tom was a kindly EMT in Atlanta who got in the way of the Travelers’ plan to use doppelganger blood to drain the world of magic. They sent Caroline and Enzo to kill him. Caroline couldn’t do it, plying the Stefan look-alike with waffles instead. But Enzo eventually committed the crime for her, just as Tom was about to escape. R.I.P., Tom. We always wished we’d had more time to hang out with the adorable doppelganger whom we met and saw die in the same episode. It’s nice to know he lives on in Lego form.

It’s nice to know Paul still thinks about TVD — even when the show is on a filming hiatus. Filming for the sixth season picks up on July 7. Here’s hoping Lego Tom Avery makes an appearance in the upcoming season. Paul is set to direct another episode. Maybe he could slip Lego Tom into a scene?

Do you think the Lego looks like Tom Avery? Do you wish we could have seen more of Tom before his untimely death? Sound off in the comments below!

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