Who Does Tom Branson Want Lady Mary to End Up With?
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Downton Abbey

Who Does Tom Branson Want Lady Mary to End Up With?

After Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens) bit the dust at the end of Downton Abbey Season 3, rumors flew that his beautiful widow, Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery), would strike up a new romance with fellow lost soul Tom Branson (Allen Leech).

We weren’t too keen on this potential arrangement for a number of reasons — No. 1 being he’s her brother-in-law! — and thankfully Julian Fellowes steered us clear of any Mary-Tom romances during Season 4. That said, however, Tom still has a preference on who Mary ends up with.

The actor who gives the Irish chauffeur his certain spark, Allen Leech, recently chatted up fans on Twitter. When asked which of Mary’s current beaus, Lord Gillingham (Tom Cullen) or Charles Blake (Julian Ovenden), he’s rooting for, Allen had an answer ready to go.

I love an underdog I’m Team Napier,” he replied. Evelyn Napier (Brendan Patricks), of course, is the lovestruck friend of the Crawleys who, even after more than a decade of unrequited love, hopes Mary will someday fall for him.

We hate to snuff out his hopes, but when we posed the same question — who should Lady Mary choose? — Wetpaint Entertainment readers weren’t quite as gung-ho about the underdog as Allen seems to be. A mere 8 percent of votes went to Evelyn with nearly double that saying they’d rather see Mary go single!

Do you agree with Allen or have another pick for Mary come Downton Abbey Season 5?

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