Tom Hardy May Have Secretly Married Charlotte Riley (UPDATE)
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Tom Hardy May Have Secretly Married Charlotte Riley (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Nope! Not yet, anyway. A source told Us Weekly that Tom Hardy has not yet married his longtime lady Charlotte Riley, despite all the "wife" talk. They are still engaged. So maybe he's just getting used to the sound. Then again, couples can call each other whatever they want, and saying "wife" or "husband" is a lot cheaper than actually going through with a whole wedding and getting that piece of paper. Maybe they should just stick with the endearments and forget about the legalities.

Original story:

Don't freak out, you guys, but it's entirely possible that Tom Hardy got married. When? We don't know — sometime between the last time he referred to Charlotte Riley as his fiancee and whenever this Wall Street Journal profile was fact-checked. In a feature on the Dark Knight Rises star tied to his upcoming film Locke, one little line dropped a massive piece of information: "These days Mr. Hardy is more settled; his wife is Charlotte Riley, who played Catherine to his Heathcliff in 'Wuthering Heights.'"

It's entirely possible that the omission was a factual error, but it wouldn't be entirely surprising — the pair have been engaged since 2010, but never set a date; apparently, Tom called her "a difficult woman to pin down." Since some breakup rumors started circulating in May 2013, many just assumed that he's been single this whole time… until now.

If a wedding really did happen, this is both Tom and Charlotte's first marriage — and Charlotte is now officially a stepmom to Tom's son with his ex-girlfriend Rachael Speed, Louis Thomas, born in 2008.

Just in case Charlotte is Tom's wife now, congratulations to the happy couple! Although we are a little disappointed to see the master of the shirtless selfie get tied down.

Source: Wall Street Journal