Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s New Man Accused of Two-Timing by Former Flame? (VIDEO)

As happy as we were to see Selena Gomez mixing up her dating pool with some non-Bieber additions, it seems her rumored new man has his own skeletons in the closet. Namely, an ex-girlfriend that might not be so ex.

Tommy Chiabra’s the name of the guy who chatted up Selena on her trip to St. Tropez, France, and turns out he’s been previously connected to Gossip Girl actress Jessica Szohr. By “previously connected” we mean they were dating up until at least a month ago.

Jess doesn’t go so far as to directly call out her beau or Selena, but in a new Instagram post she shares a four-sentence message that has us reading between the lines. We mean, honestly what else could this refer to but a love interest straddling the fence of commitment: “You want to come in my life, the door is open. You want to get out of my life, the door is open. Just one request. Don’t stand at the door, you’re blocking the traffic.”

Of course, Tommy and Selena might not actually be an item. All we’ve seen so far is the pop star getting cozy with him on a jet ski, which, you know, happens. Still, if Tommy hasn’t put out any former flames, he better hop to it before pursuing our girl Selena. She’s already had enough boy drama for a lifetime!

What do you think? Is Jessica’s message about Tommy and Selena, or just a general observation?

Source: Jessica Szohr on Instagram