The Tomorrow People Season 1: Star Robbie Amell Teases a “Love Square” — Exclusive
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The Tomorrow People Season 1: Star Robbie Amell Teases a “Love Square” — Exclusive

The CW has become the home of youthful supernatural dramas and epic love triangles, but the new series The Tomorrow People is about to take the network to a new level: a love square!

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the actor behind the series’ protagonist, Robbie Amell, who spilled everything about his on-screen character Stephen Jameson. Robbie (cousin of Arrow star Stephen Amell) dished about his character’s struggles and potential love interests, and whether or not we’ll learn any secrets about his dad anytime soon.

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Wetpaint Entertainment: We know that your character Stephen is struggling this first season, what will some of those struggles look like?

Robbie Amell:
The amazing thing is, in the pilot, I have this massive journey of thinking I’m losing my mind and not knowing what’s going on and really thinking I have these massive mental problems to finding out I have super powers. And by the end of the pilot, I’ve gained a little bit of confidence, and I’m starting to grasp that there’s something more, that there’s something bigger than me.

Everything I know might not be true. In that massive journey, it’s such a small step in the overarching stories. The nice thing is, at the end of the pilot, I use my teleporting with ease, but it really wasn’t — it was total adrenaline. And when we pick up in Episode 2, I don’t know how to use these powers and I’m struggling with them — which is nice because the writers and I agreed that you want to see someone struggle to find their way. Otherwise you miss a step in the process.

So there’s an honest struggle there. We’re shooting Episode 6, and I’m still not honing in on these abilities. Like anything else, it takes a long time to learn them. We get a lot of origin stories. The first season so far is massive — it’s bigger than I ever expected it to be.

We’re very interested in where your relationship is headed with this guy. [Pointing to nearby Mark Pellegrino]

I get to work with this guy all the time! It’s really interesting. On paper, I don’t see it sometimes. And then I’m shooting scenes with Mark, and he’s so charismatic, and he’s so persuasive that — even though I have to keep him at arms length — we’re starting to bond. And Stephen and Jedikiah are getting closer, and he really is protective of me and kind of acts as a father figure. But at the same time, he’s a very dangerous man, and I can’t let myself get too close.

It’s a really fun dynamic to play around with, and I find myself accidentally getting too close to him and then having to pull away from it because — even though we’re family — this guy is potentially the enemy.

Let’s talk love interests for you!

I’ve got a couple! You find out in the pilot that Cara and I have this special connection — we don’t know what it is, but we have some sort of connection.

There might be something between Astrid and I, as well. And at the same time, John and Cara seem like they may be together in this relationship, so there’s definitely a love triangle — maybe even a love square!

What is the time frame looking like for getting some answers about your father, if he is alive, dead, good, bad, etc?

We’re about to shoot Episode 7, and you get a big, big, big reveal about my dad in Episode 7. I can’t tell you anything other than that, but Episode 7 is a big bomb about my dad. You learn small things throughout the season because, as Jedikiah and I get closer, he feels more comfortable telling me these things. But at the same time, who knows if what he is telling me is true?

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The Tomorrow People premieres October 9 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.