The Tomorrow People: How Will Astrid React to Stephen’s Powers? Madeleine Mantock Says… — Exclusive
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The Tomorrow People: How Will Astrid React to Stephen’s Powers? Madeleine Mantock Says… — Exclusive

Stephen has to fight for his right to party on an all-new episode of The Tomorrow People.

In Season 1, Episode 5 (“All Tomorrow’s Parties”), Stephen promises his bestie Astrid he’ll be her Homecoming date. But when he breaks Ultra protocol during a training exercise, Jedikiah’s enigmatic boss insists on meeting Stephen. Unfortunately, this means he has to bail on the dance, and needless to say, Astrid is not happy about it. So she decides to do a bit of investigating of her own, which leads to a run-in with a Tomorrow Person!

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with Tomorrow People star Madeleine Mantock about Astrid’s suspicions, her venture into the world of Tomorrow People, whether or not she’s on Ultra’s hit-list, and her not-so-secret crush on Stephen.

Wetpaint Entertainment: We’re really excited for Episode 5 because it sounds like Astrid is going to do some investigating. She already saw Stephen teleport once...

Madeleine Mantock: She does! Well, she thinks she knows what she saw, but because she never confirmed it, she starts thinking, “Oh, well he was trying to show me something earlier.” If you hop back to the pilot, he tried to show her he could move the basketball, and he never did. So now she’s seen him do something, and she wants the confirmation. She just wants to figure out what’s going on because she feels this distance between them, and she knows he’s hiding something. So in an effort to show her that he does care, he agrees to go to Homecoming with her, but he never quite makes it. She’s all dressed up with nowhere to go. Obviously, there’s interference from Ultra. It’s a question of how close she comes to danger in this episode because she’s starting to get to know the bigger picture a bit more. Up until now, it was just her and Stephen and what he decided to tell her, but she’s starting to figure things out for herself.

The Tomorrow People: How Will Astrid React to Stephen’s Powers? Madeleine Mantock Says… — Exclusive
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Stephen has been trying to balance his life as a Tomorrow Person with his normal, high school life, when Astrid finds out about the Tomorrow People, does that all start to blur?

I think slowly, but surely, yes. I say slowly because in the beginning, they are more aware of her than she is of them. In the pilot, Jedikiah knows about Astrid because he read Stephen’s psychiatry records. So Stephen wants to protect her. I’m not too sure about how much they know about her, but you have to think about how much they follow Stephen because he’s obviously very special and they want to keep tabs on him. What kind of intel do they have about what goes on inside his house? Do they have it bugged? I don’t know. And that’s kind of where Stephen and Astrid hang out. So they definitely know more about her than she knows about them, which is scary! She feels like she’s on a hit list.

So she’s definitely on their radar?

Yes. But the thing with Ultra is that they always say they’re trying to protect the human race, which Astrid is a member of, so I think it would be naive to automatically jump to the conclusion that they would want to kill her because they don’t. She’s not a threat to them, and she doesn’t have any powers. However, if she were to find out more about their world, then that puts her in danger.

Tell us about Homecoming. Obviously, she gets stood up, so does she end up going on this mission in her Homecoming dress?

Yes! And obviously, I’m from England, and we don’t have Homecoming, so I was so excited to dress up like Americans! But we never make it to the actual party. I will say, he makes up for that. He does a nice thing.

Obviously, they’ve been friends since the sandbox. Does Astrid have any romantic feelings for Stephen?

Oh, yeah! I think she wants to have his baby. She’s completely head over heels! But he doesn’t know that. I don’t know how. She’s completely in love with him, but I think she’s willing to sacrifice that in the meantime because she cares about his life and making sure he stays safe. She’s prepared to let go because things are a bit crazy for him right now. He main priority is making sure Stephen is alright. But yes, she definitely has much stronger feelings for him than he realizes.

The Tomorrow People: How Will Astrid React to Stephen’s Powers? Madeleine Mantock Says… — Exclusive
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Then she probably wouldn't react well when she finds out he shares a telepathic connection to Cara…

Bloody Cara! I know. She’s kind of been in his head since his breakdown, so she’s much more in tune with what he’s going through during this period of time, and Astrid has definitely felt alienated because of it. Their friendship doesn’t seem to be as important to Stephen anymore, which is quite hurtful to her. I wonder, if she ever finds out about that or if she meets Cara, what their relationship will be because I don’t think she’ll take it very well.

Well maybe Astrid and John can just become friends!

If Cara and Stephen get together, then I’m going to have to initiate that just to spite them.

Are you ever jealous or your castmates because Astrid doesn’t get to do all of the cool stunts?

You know what? I don’t mind it! I just wouldn’t know how to do that. Normally, if you’re having a conversation or doing things that you haven’t experienced, you can kind of imagine them, but with this like this, it would be like having an outer-body experience. Sometimes I’m quite grateful that I don’t have to. There are times when I want to do stunts because I think it’s cool and I want to get involved — and also, in the production office, they have Stunts Canada hoodies! You only get one if you learned it, so I see everyone in their Stunts Canada hoodies, and I really want one. Even Luke’s [Mitchell] wife has one, and she’s not even on the show! I hope one day, I will get to earn my hoodie. But apart from that, I don’t envy them too much.

As one of the only humans in this universe, should we be worried for Astrid? We know you said Ultra won’t necessarily hurt her, but she can be used to get to Stephen…

I don’t know if I can say yes or no without giving anything away! Certainly, she’s been on their radar for a long time, and in the current mix of characters we have right now, there’s nobody to put her in any sort of danger, but I think as the series goes on, there will be more characters who are definitely more devious than our main lot. They’ve got ulterior motives and they aren’t necessarily good people but they’re extremely powerful. When we meet those people, there are more opportunities for Astrid to get into the line of power. In that situation, she would be quite fragile because she doesn’t have the full picture.

Have you had any screentime with Mark Pellegrino [Jedikiah]?

Not yet, but I would love that! He’s like Dr. Evil; he’s so brilliant at being bad. We all just sort of watch him on set. I’d love to see if I could pull off a scene with him.

Are you excited for The Tomorrow People? Do you think Astrid will find out Stephen’s big secret? Sound off in the comments!

Catch the next episode of The Tomorrow People on Wednesday, November 6 at 9 p.m. ET on the CW.

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