The Tomorrow People Spoilers: John’s Past With Jedikiah Revealed! Plus, Simon Merrells Is “The Founder”
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The Tomorrow People Spoilers: John’s Past With Jedikiah Revealed! Plus, Simon Merrells Is “The Founder”

Before he was a Tomorrow Person, John (Luke Mitchell) was a deadly member of Ultra.

Tonight’s episode of The Tomorrow People (Episode 4: “Kill or Be Killed”) will explore John’s background and his troubled past with Jedikiah (Mark Pellegrino). Guest star Jason Dohring, of Veronica Mars fame, will star as Killian McCrane, a fellow Ultra fugitive who will help shed more light on John’s past.

Wetpaint Entertainment, along with several other outlets, got the chance to screen the episode and chat with executive producers Greg Berlanti and Phil Klemmer about “Kill or Be Killed” and the season ahead. Here are 10 things to know about John’s complicated past with Jedikiah,

John’s past is truly heartbreaking. There’s a reason John doesn’t trust anyone easily. We get a glimpse into John’s childhood, and it was anything by happy. Within minutes, you’ll realize why John joined Ultra in the first place.

A huge secret is revealed about John. There’s a scene in which John goes head-to-head with rogue Tomorrow Person Killian McKrane (Jason Dohring), and it will leave you breathless. It will also make you see John in an entirely new light.

How did Jedikiah become so evil? “Kill or Be Killed” reveals John’s past at Ultra, but Episode 8 will focus on Jedikiah’s backstory, and producer Greg Berlanti confirms that we’ll find out what made Jedikiah a villain. “John will still be at Ultra. [The flashback] will deal with the mythology of the year, with Roger, and those kinds of things.” Phil Klemmer adds, “We’ll return to that era of John’s life, slightly advanced in the early days under Jedikiah’s sort of perverse surrogate fatherhood relationship.”

The Tomorrow People Spoilers: John’s Past With Jedikiah Revealed! Plus, Simon Merrells Is “The Founder”
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Simon Merrells is “The Founder.” Guest star Simon Merrells will make his debut in Episode 8, Greg confirmed, and it looks like he’ll be playing “The Founder,” a man who is even more terrifying than Jedikiah. (We didn’t know there was such a thing!) “We have said before if Jedikiah is Darth Vader, he is a bit more of the Emperor. He is definitely affiliated with the organization from way back when. It’s really hard when you have to find someone more threatening than Mark Pellegrino.” Phil added, “They’re so good at being evil.”

Cara is getting fed up with John’s secrets. “I think with Jon he’s a very sort of closed off emotionally, this sort of tough terse, he’s almost like a John Wayne kind of figure,” Phil told Wetpaint. “And Stephen, who is an adolescent and they also have this sort of psychic connection where they are able to understand each other on a supernatural level, he’s an open person. And I think what she’s drawn to is that there are no secrets. If he’s feeling something he says it, you know he’s such an open, earnest, wears-it-on-his-sleeve kind of guy and you know Jon has been really put through the ringer. He didn’t have the human life that Stephen had, he doesn’t have the humanity. His love for Cara is the one humanizing aspect to him but other than that he’s kind of a hard liner. There’s not much else that he cares about in the world other than the cause. He’s kind of like your classic revolutionary.”

The love triangle heats up. The love triangle brewing between John, Cara, and Stephen “goes from slow burn to trouble pretty quickly,” says Greg.

The hunt to find Roger is on. “The first 12 episodes are very much the hunt for Roger,” said Greg. “Stephen believes out of the first episode that Jedikiah might be lying that his father is alive, if that’s even possible where might he be? That all does play out over the first nine episodes.”

Stephen’s mom knows more than she’s willing to admit. Phil reveals that the latter part of their 13-episode order will start to zero in on Stephen’s mom (guest star Sarah Clarke). “That’s when we really start pulling back the layers on mom and revealing that she’s done some pretty heroic, gone to heroic lengths to protect her two children and that she does know more about what happened between Roger and Jedikiah,” he said.

The Tomorrow People Spoilers: John’s Past With Jedikiah Revealed! Plus, Simon Merrells Is “The Founder”
Credit: The CW    

Stephen comes face-to-face with his morality. “He’s going to have some pretty spectacular blunders very soon,” Phil teased. “Despite his vast powers he is still in essence a kid and a lot of his youthful naivety and optimism and wanting to see the best in people doesn’t pan out. We don’t want to turn him into a jaded, salty dog too soon but we want to make it impossible for him to do the right thing at a certain point. He has to start doing what John has had to do all these years in order to achieve the greater good of survival he’s had to do some morally questionable things along the way. For Stephan finding his father or learning about his father we want to make that impossible so he can’t necessarily be a perfect guy in real time in order to get where he wants to go.”

Roger and Jedikiah’s relationship is a good old fashioned Kane and Abel story. “We liked the idea that in the pilot he has sort of an iron clad rational explanation for why he’s doing what he’s doing but gradually we wanted to get under the personal pathology of a Kane and Abel story,” Phil said. “As much as he sort of fears and is fascinated by Tomorrow People there is a huge degree of envy and maybe a sort of fetish with the thing that he’s hunting. He’s so cold-blooded we wanted to give him some human foibles with all of his scientific, cold agenda. We wanted to give him some real baggage which we get major doses of that in the next couple episodes.”

Are you excited for The Tomorrow People? What do you think John’s big secret is? Sound off in the comments!

Catch the next episode of The Tomorrow People on Wednesday, October 30 at 9 p.m. ET on the CW.

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