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Miley Cyrus’s Tongue Cause of Big Lawsuit? (VIDEO)

We always thought Miley Cyrus and her infamous free-wheeling tongue would meet their end stuck to a frozen pole in the depths of winter, but instead they’re getting sued!

Miley’s in the midst of her Bangerz tour, which, in case you’ve missed it, has featured everything from red spandex onesies to faux oral sex to hot dogs (not in that order). Photos also tell us there’s a huge poster of Miley, too, with a slide made to look like her tongue that she uses to appear on stage. Unfortunately, that little bit of genius stagecraft might cost Miley big time.

A man TMZ identifies as Charles Nicholas Sarris says he was putting together Miley’s giant tongue last month and got hurt in the process. And not just emotionally hurt. Charles claims he was physically injured by the giant pink monstrosity and now he wants to be compensated for an unspecified amount.

Charles has filed a lawsuit against ShowFX, Inc., the Los Angeles-based equipment supply company we have to thank for Miley’s tongue (the one not in her face, our face, everyone’s face).

So kids of the world, take note. When you let your tongue hang out of your mouth at all hours of the day for all occasions, it’s bound to attract some negative attention.

Source: TMZ

03.14.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Elisabeth Kramer
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