Toni Braxton Says She’s Not Going to “Sacrifice” Herself to Make Others Happy Anymore!
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Toni Braxton Says She’s Not Going to “Sacrifice” Herself to Make Others Happy Anymore!

If you’ve been keeping up with the Braxton Family Values as we have, then you’ll know that this season R&B legend Toni Braxton is embarking on one of her biggest and most personal journeys ever — writing a tell-all memoir. Through her conversations with her co-author, Toni has unloaded a ton about herself: her biggest successes, her worst regrets, and her overwhelming feeling of being responsible for her multi-talented siblings. Well, according to Toni, she’s no longer sacrificing herself to “make other people happy!”

In an exclusive excerpt from Toni’s upcoming memoir, Unbreak My Heart, Toni talks about being at a crossroads in her life, but ultimately deciding to move forward with career without any of her previous hindrances.

The lessons of my journey are plentiful — and here is one. I’ve realized just how much of myself I’ve suppressed. I’ve sacrificed a lot of who I am to make the people around me happy. No longer. I’ve entrusted people who didn’t have my best interest at heart. That chapter is now permanently closed. I don’t know exactly what the coming years will bring, but I do know this: I will never again hand over my power to another human being. To do so is to hand over life itself — and at long last, I’m getting mine back,” Toni writes.

Toni also goes on to tell her fans that while they may not have experienced life as she did, she has, like most people, experienced feelings of love and regret and now she’s finally “brave enough” to tell her story.

“In this moment — standing at this crossroads —” she writes, “I have at last found the courage.

Toni Braxton’s memoir, Unbreak My Heart, hits stores this May.

What do you think of Toni getting extremely personal in her first ever memoir? Tell us in the comments below!

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