Tony Pieper Has “Mixed Feelings” About Single Dad Ben Scott: Exclusive
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The Bachelorette

Tony Pieper Has “Mixed Feelings” About Single Dad Ben Scott: Exclusive

If anyone knows what it’s like to miss your kid while you’re off filming The Bachelorette, it’s Tony Pieper. The hot, single dad with a heart of gold actually left his pursuit of Emily Maynard during Season 8 of the show to reunite with his son, Taylor. And when Tony broke the news to Emily that he was choosing his child over his pursuit of true love, the entire world’s lower lip jutted out with a collective, “Aw!”

But how does Tony (who’s happy to report that his girlfriend, Amanda, and her daughter Austin recently moved in with him and Taylor) think of newcomer Ben Scott? In his pursuit of Desiree Hartsock, Ben actually had his son, Brody, accompany him on the premiere episode and has since talked about Brody at every possible moment when Des is around. Is he being sincere — or playing the kid card? We asked Tony to weigh in.

Tony Pieper Has “Mixed Feelings” About Single Dad Ben Scott: Exclusive
Credit: Tony Pieper on Twitter    

“I definitely have mixed feelings about the guy,” Tony tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “Ben came out of the limo with his son, and I thought, ‘Wow, that’s the greatest thing ever.’ That didn’t come across to me as a ploy.”

“When you’re a single parent, your kid is your life,” Tony continues. “He’s your heart and soul and he’s on your mind constantly, especially if you’re apart. So if Ben’s missing him like crazy, I can totally relate. It’s really hard to be there when you have a child.”

That said, Tony’s not totally sold on Ben, especially after watching the June 3 episode. “He’s starting to come across as pompous and arrogant and not the most genuine of people,” Tony says. “So of course it makes me question everything.”

“For me, my son wasn’t a card to play,” Tony concludes. “Yes, he’s the reason I went home, but I didn’t really talk about it all that much before I made the decision. The amount Ben is talking about his son is starting to feel a little weird to me. I’m not sure what his motives are yet. I’d say the jury’s still out.”

Although we don’t know yet what will happen, from the way previews have been edited so far, it looks like we’ll see plenty more of Ben — and how the rest of the guys feel about him. But we want to know what you think: Do you agree that Ben’s son talk is a little much, or is he just a gushing father who can’t stop (for good reason) talking about his son? Weigh in.

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