Too Many F-Bombs: Top 5 OMG Moments From ANTM, Cycle 16, Episode 5
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Too Many F-Bombs: Top 5 OMG Moments From ANTM, Cycle 16, Episode 5

Wish we could say someone else was at the center of all the controversy this week (like baby jaguar Murato), but it was mostly just Alexandria again. What can you do? Here are the Top 5 OMG Moments from Cycle 16, Episode 5 (March 23, 2011).

5. Mikaela is a bleeping Cover Girl!

Memorizing bleeping lines for a bleeping Cover Girl video can be bleeping frustrating. Thank goodness Mikaela was able to stop cursing get the bleeping thing together, since they only had 10 bleeping minutes to do it.

4. Alexandria wanted to work together, but alone.

Predictably, Molly the Writer and Monique the Director had a little trouble with Alexandria the Talent. So much trouble, that eventually they both just sat on the floor from exhaustion. Alexandria’s disconnect from the girls has a lot to do with the disconnect in her communication. She went from “Can you just let me learn my lines?” to “We’re supposed to be a team!” in five seconds flat. She also insisted on writing and directing most of the video, explaining that she wasn’t doing it for them, just for herself. Which was the same thing in this case.

3. Tyra finally noticed Molly’s hair didn’t look right.

Never has there been a more belated observation. Tyra seemed to be holding out hope last week that with a few cuts and some color this blonde weave could work. But the problem all along was that Molly’s hair was just too thin and straight to support its weight, much like an ant carrying a crumb. The hair also seemed to change lengths from scene to scene, like Judy Garland’s in The Wizard of Oz. Anyway, it’s being removed. Thankfully. (Check out the Worst Weaves in ANTM History for more terribleness.)

2. Alexandria tried to explain herself.

In a teary confessional, Alexandria said that she was forced to grow up quickly since her parents had an abusive relationship that ended in divorce. The thing about a moment like this is that it doesn’t excuse anything really, but it adds some depth to a person who up to this point had been the convenient enemy. It also makes the other girls’ mob mentality seem a little ridic. No one likes her. Fine. Move on.

1. “Should we look at her diary right now?”

If you’re going to bring a diary with you to film a reality show, it’s probably in your best interest to write all your thoughts down and then swallow the paper. Otherwise, Monique is going to read it. Aside from the complete invasion of privacy, the big problem we had with this scene was the following justification: “We have to know if she likes us or not!” Wait, why? You already don’t like her. Once Monique realized that Alexandria wasn’t scribbling malicious gossip, a brief wave of regret swept the house. And then they all ran off to the confessional to talk about her.


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