Top 10 Biggest Fights From Teen Mom Season 4!
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Top 10 Biggest Fights From Teen Mom Season 4!

Put up your dukes, y'all! The final season of Teen Mom has been nonstop drama, nonstop tears (yes, we ugly-cry a lot), and nonstop catfights. We've rounded up the most nail-biting arguments of the season for you to look back on, so put on some boxing gloves, arm yourselves with some Slim Jim shivs, and enjoy!

1. Maci Kicks Kyle to the Curb For Calling Her an "Idiot," Our Hearts Break

Remember when Maci and Kyle took Bentley to swimming lessons so he could mingle amongst the peasants? Apparently, all the ch-ch-ch-changes stressed out Maci, which prompted Kyle to call her an "idiot." Maci was hekka peeved because his behavior reminded him of Ryan's, so she kicked him out of the house and he drove all the way back to his parents crib'! Luckily, Kyle apologized and they went back to being completely adorbs, but still! Traumatizing.

2. Amber Gets Wasted, Gary Cowers in Fear

Amber was a total mess before she went to rehab, and it all came to a head when she arrived at Gary's house and demanded a jug of wine. When Gary Bear implied that his lovely lady needed to get help, she flew into a sloppy rage, leaving Gary alone with his thoughts on a porch swing. Sigh. It's clear that Ambs was depressed at the time, but boxed wine barely counts as alcohol, just saying.

3. Amber Cusses Out Gary in a Series of Creative Metaphors

Gary visited Amber in Malibu during her stint in rehab, and let's just say the trip had its ups and downs. The good news is that Amber's random body piercings looked great against her tan, but the bad news is that Gary told Ambs that being in a relationship with her scared him. Her response? "Shut the f—k up, you don't wear your heart on your f—king sleeve. You wear your heart where your dick is." Charming as usual, girl!

4. Butch and His Mullet Wander Around Hicksville, Tyler Disapproves

Tyler's mulleted father shacked up with Catelynn and Tyler for a couple week, but unfortch he didn't abide by their rules. Butch disappeared into the great unknown for an entire day, and to quote Tyler, "Dude I'm sitting here, almost midnight, and I have to worry about my 50-year-old father?" Uncool. Turns out Teen Mom's No. 1 pop was just "hanging out with some homies," so Tyler gave him an ultimatum: Two strikes and your trucker hat is out!

Top 10 Biggest Fights From Teen Mom Season 4!
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5. Farrah Screams At Her Mom, We Run Away in Fear

Farrah's trip home to Iowa was less than perfect, and she got into a huge fight with her mom, who suggested sharing Sophia part time. Whoa! Farrah was so peeved at her mom's interfering 'tude, that she ditched her and went out with her dad — only to have him get on her case. Sigh, time to a break out the big guns. "I'm happy to move away and get away from all of it," Farrah said. "I don't feel like you guys can take care of her better than I can!" Girl, them's fighting words.

6. Ryan Hates on Preschool, Everyone Eye-Rolls

Maci made the big decision to send Baby Bentley to preschool this season, but there was one problem: Ryan Edwards and his sexy self. Ryan had no intention of sending Bents to school during their time together, and he was majorly peeved that Maci was trying to boss him around. In fact, he blew off picking up Bentley from preschool, and the poor little guy was bumming all over the place. As you might expect, Maci was less than thrilled. Drama!

7. Tyler's Dad Abuses Catelynn's Mom, We Blame His Mullet

Just weeks after Butch left Tyler's house to go "live in a cardboard box," Tyler got a shocking call from Cate's mom, April, who told him that Butch had gone to the clink for assault. Turns out Butch and April violated their no contact order to have a few brewskis, and then got into a fight after Butch flew into a jealous rage. Tyler was completely crushed, and ended up crying because Butch "loves cocaine more than him," which basically had us sobbing all over our dermals. We hated seeing Tyler so sad!

8. Farrah and Daniel Beak Up, Everyone Feels Awkward

Farrah left Sophia in The Sunshine State to go on a sexcation with her hunky boyfriend, Daniel, and after staring at a huge fleet of bats, she ended up word-vomming all over herself about making babies and getting married. This caused Daniel to freak out, and he ended up fleeing into the wilds of Austin, leaving Farrah on her lonesome. Looks like this gal's teenage dream ended.

9. Maci and Dalis Get Into a Catfight Via Text!

Uh oh, y'all. Ryan's lady lovers are not getting along, and they had a huge fight when Maci made the mistake of tweeting that life would be easier for Bentley if she and Ryan had stayed together. This caused Ryan to send Maci the following text: "Maci just get over the fact that we will never get together, I f—king hate you and if you try to f—k with my relationship again I will f—k with yours." Dreamy sigh, he has such a way with words!

10. Maci And Ryan Fight Over Bentley's Birthday

Maci wanted to do "the right thing" and invite Ryan and his tribe of dirt-bike riding homies to Bentley's birthday, but the whole thing turned into a hot mess when she asked Bents to personally call his pop. Turns out, Ryan didn't want to come to the soiree, and was furious at Maci for not checking in before asking Bentley to invite him. In fact, he stormed over to Pump It Up and told her she was "f—king stupid." We're just happy he didn't spit chewing tobacco at her.

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