Top 10 Craziest Quotes from the Kyle-Camille Fight
Top 10 Craziest Quotes from the Kyle-Camille Fight
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Top 10 Craziest Quotes from the Kyle-Camille Fight


It’s the fight that just won’t end! Camille and Kyle’s spat has provided tons of memorable quotes, and just about everyone has weighed in on it. Here are our 10 favorite quotes about the Kyle-Camille battle. May the best woman win!

10. Sure, and we hate ice cream (Episode 1.6)

Kyle: I’m not a fighter — I hate fights.

9. Same old story (Episode 1.10)

Adrienne: There was an explosion between Camille and Kyle.
Paul: What else is new?

8. Lisa knows best (Episode 1.9)

Lisa (about Camille’s dinner party): I mean, it was a few clowns short of a circus.

7. We all were, Kim (Episode 1.9)

Kim: I was waiting for Kyle to fly across the table.

6. The only thing worse than Camille? Two Camilles! (Episode 1.5)

Kyle (about Camille): What the hell?! Does she have an identical twin?

5. Poor Mauricio wasn’t even there! (Episode 1.9)

Allison DuBois: [Mauricio] loves his nannies. You can’t fault him — [Kyle]’s an icy bitch.
Camille: He loves more than his nannies. He loves women in general — let’s just say that.

4. Sounds like Camille is okay with being defined by Kelsey’s success! (Episode 1.6)

Camille (about Kyle): In the terms of, like, pecking order, my husband’s higher on the list.

3. Allison really is obsessed with that cigarette (Episode 1.9)

Allison (about Kyle): I will shove this [cigarette] up her f**king ass just to prove a point, except I think she’d need a bigger one than this to even feel it.

2. Camille decides that she wins (Episode 1.5)

Camille: I knew I was winning. I just know, come on. The person that remains in control is the one that wins. She lost her cool. Sorry, Kyle, you lose.

1. Kyle makes her diagnosis (Episode 1.5)

Kyle: You’re such a f**king liar, Camille! You twist everything! You need to get a therapist immediately.