Top 10 Dubious Grey’s Anatomy Plot Twists — Um, Come Again?
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Grey's Anatomy

Top 10 Dubious Grey’s Anatomy Plot Twists — Um, Come Again?

Over the past ten years, Grey’s Anatomy has managed to throw us some major curveballs — not all of them believable. Usually, though, we give Shonda Rhimes and her talented crew of writers more slack than we’d offer those of any other show. After all, how big a dose of reality can we expect in a show set in a hospital that only seems to hire beautiful doctors?

Top 10 Dubious Grey’s Anatomy Plot Twists — Um, Come Again?
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But after the Season 10 finale, when we found out that Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) has a sister she’d never known about, and that sister’s dad is probably Richard (James Pickens, Jr.)? Yeah, that one was a little hard to swallow. And while we’re willing to give the show a chance to pull this off when Season 11 premieres this month, this particular turn of events reminded us of all the times in the past when our favorite show has majorly confused us.

Here are ten of Grey’s Anatomy’s most unlikely plot twists ever:

1. The Bomb Guy (Season 2, Episode 16: “It’s The End Of The World”): As the first crazy scenario Grey’s gave us, this episode will always be a classic — but it doesn’t mean it’s not completely unbelievable. In what would be the beginning of a long list of misfortunes to befall Meredith in that hospital, nearly being blown up was the first. Why do these things always happen to her?

2. And speaking of Meredith… We can just say that everything that ever happens to her counts as one big completely unrealistic plot twist. There’s no way the same person would suffer from a brush with death via explosion, a near drowning, a shooting, a plane crash, and the deaths of many of her loved ones in just one decade — maybe not even in one lifetime. And this doesn’t include what her coworkers have gone through. Why are you guys not finding another job? There are lots of hospitals that need doctors, guys.

3. Alex’s creepy girlfriend, Ava (Season 3, Episode 15: “Walk on Water”): When we first meet Ava, she’s pretty likable. She’s sweet, and she’s been through a lot. Ferry boat crashes are scary, let alone when you’re pregnant and you’re suffering from burns so serious your face needs to be reconstructed. Things like this happen in real life, though. What doesn’t happen in real life? Falling in love with your doctor, and then going completely off your rocker until you almost drive him nuts, too.

4. Callie and George get married (Season 3, Episode 14: “Wishin’ and Hopin’”): In the real world, people who elope in Vegas are usually couples who have been dating for a long time and just don’t want to succumb to the pressures of the wedding industry, not people who barely know each other. Callie and George together was cute at first, but derailing their relationship with a surprise wedding? Maybe not the best move.

5. Denny leaves Izzie $8.7 million (Season 3, Episode 4: “What I Am”): How is it that this is something Denny and Izzie never talked about? And why didn’t anyone in the hospital know that Denny was loaded? Why didn’t he take that money and get treated somewhere super fancy? There are just so many unanswered questions here.

6. George getting hit by a bus (Season 5, Episode 24: “Now Or Never”): This could just be because we refuse to believe that George O’Malley is no longer with us, but we really, truly think that something that would never happen in real life is someone getting hit by a bus the same day he decides to join the military and quit the job he loves so much. You know, while his best friend’s life is in the balance as she undergoes risky brain surgery that could kill her. This turn of events did give us one thing, though: that beautiful scene between George and Izzie in the elevator.

7. Cristina operating on Derek with a gun to her head (Season 6, Episode 23: “Sanctuary”): The bullet-ridden finale made amazing television, and put a spotlight on how anyone can be a victim of gun violence, but the way the events went down was a little hard to swallow. Especially the part where Cristina is trying to save Derek’s life with a gun to her head as his wife, Meredith, looks on. Again, great television. But what are the odds?

8. The plane crash (Season 8, Episode 24: “Flight”): So many important doctors on one private plane that manages to crash? That’s pretty scary — and the chances of this happening are probably close to a million to one. Don’t take us too seriously, though. We’re still bitter about losing Mark and Lexie.

9. The doctors decide to buy the hospital (Season 9, Episode 16: “This is Why We Fight”): Every single part of this storyline. So unrealistic. All of it.

10. Heather’s electrocution… and all the other random deaths (Season 9, Episode 24: “Perfect Storm”) This brings us back to one very simple question: Why do all of these people continue to work at this hospital when so many of them die — often en masse?

What was most unbelievable plot twist Grey’s has thrown at us so far?