Glee Named One of TV’s Top 10 Most Social Shows of 2013
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Glee Named One of TV’s Top 10 Most Social Shows of 2013

Glee's Season 5 ratings are way down from the kind of sky-high numbers that the show used to get. But there's one category in which the show is still a force to be reckoned with: social-networking.

Nielsen SocialGuide has released its first-ever ranking of the top 10 most-social TV shows of the year, based on how many unique Twitter accounts wrote at least one tweet about the show during each episode from September 2012 to November 2013.

According to the list, Glee averaged 2.1 million Twitter accounts tweeting per episode, which lands it in the not-too-shabby position of seventh. Way to go, Gleeks!

However, the shows at the top of the list were way ahead of Glee in tweet amounts. The number-one slot went to the recently completed Breaking Bad, which averaged 6 million Twitter accounts per episode. That would be a lot of people knocking.

After that, The Walking Dead is number two, followed by American Horror Story at three apparently, Twitter users love Ryan Murphy! and Scandal at four. Dancing With the Stars is fifth and The Voice is sixth. As for the shows that Glee beat out, The X Factor is eighth, Catfish is ninth, and Awkward squeaks in at ten.

We're thrilled that Glee makes the list, since we love how passionate Gleeks are about their show. We think this is also a good sign that Glee will hold its own when it starts airing opposite Pretty Little Liars next month, as PLL has a notoriously social fanbase.

Are you surprised that Glee cracks the top ten?

Source: Nielsen SocialGuide via Lost Remote

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