Top 10 Most Viewed Grey’s Anatomy Stories of 2011

Grey's Anatomy

Top 10 Most Viewed Grey’s Anatomy Stories of 2011

Grey’s Anatomy had a busy year, from the backlash (and backlash to the backlash) surrounding the infamous musical episode, to the long hiatuses, to the tension surrounding the end of both Ellen Pompeo’s and Patrick Dempsey’s contracts — everyone had Grey’s on the brain.

We took a look back at the top 10 most popular Grey’s Anatomy stories on Wetpaint Entertainment in 2011.

10. Spoiler: Grey's Anatomy Musical Episode Song List Revealed
Nobody thought they could pull this off Grace-fully, so getting a sneak peek at the song list served to either halt or enhance fans’ fears.

Top 10 Most Viewed Grey’s Anatomy Stories of 2011
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9. The Complete Grey's Anatomy Season 7 DVD Release Date Announced
This DVD set promised outtakes and extended music videos that would arguably be better than the musical episode itself.

8. Grey's Anatomy Picked Up For Season 8
GA getting picked up for another season isn’t exactly shocking news, but we still hold our breath somewhat until we hear for sure.

7. Spoiler: Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Finale Will Be Explosive
Finale spoilers are always hot topics, but the idea of an explosion may have grabbed the attention of a few spoiler-phobes as well.

6. Music From Grey's Anatomy Season 7, Episode 14
We have a feeling the draw here had to do with “I Want a House” by Twin Sister, which played while Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) decided not to participate in clinical trials.

5. When Will the Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Air?
On the eve of yet another long hiatus, fans needed to know when their favorite medical drama would pay off.

Top 10 Most Viewed Grey’s Anatomy Stories of 2011
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4. Sorry Ladies, Jesse Willims Has a Girlfriend - Gallery
Hardly an explanation needed. Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery) is one of the all-time hottest co-stars added to the GA roster.

3. Shonda Rhimes Hints at Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Plans
With everyone on pins and needles waiting to hear news on Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey’s (Derek Shepherd) contract-ending season, this was a hit.

2. Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Will Return January 5, 2012
Again, one of Shonda’s longest hiatuses leads to a widespread fever for the midseason premiere.

1: Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Not Returning Until January 2012
At the time, this seemed like a lifetime away. Now? Just two short holiday-filled weeks until January 5th.

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