Top 10 OMG Moments From Grey’s Anatomy Season 6
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Grey's Anatomy

Top 10 OMG Moments From Grey’s Anatomy Season 6

Season 6 had us saying "OMG" more times than Usher, but here are the moments that really had us scooping our jaws off the floor.

2. Derek's fake death
That Jackson Avery is a crafty one! When Cristina is distracted by Mr. Clark shooting Owen, Jackson swings into action to make it seem — to Clark and to us — that Derek is flatlining. But once Clark leaves, Jackson and Cristina save his life. If only Meredith could have been clued in to the charade...

1. Cristina's offer
Cristina begs Teddy to stay at Seattle Grace, and they're both talking over one another when Teddy finally confesses that she wants Owen. Without missing a beat, Cristina says, "Fine. Done. Take him." Teddy is flabbergasted, and Cristina seems surprised herself... but then resolute. It’s a startling moment with a powerhouse performance by Sandra Oh, accompanied by a killer song by Florence and the Machine.
3. Izzie leaves
Okay, girl, so you’re fired. And you suspect Alex was behind it. But is that really a reason to flee the scene entirely? And did you have to inform your husband with a note?
5. Meredith miscarries
After the stress of the shootings — and, you know, thinking that her husband is dead and all — Meredith suffers a miscarriage while operating on Owen. But what is truly surprising is how readily she compartmentalizes her own trauma to focus on the job at hand.

4. Richard fires Izzie
Yes, Izzie messes up when she orders the wrong medication, but no one expects Richard to give her the axe. And, because the HR representative is there, he has to do so like a total automaton, making a bad situation even worse.
7. Richard fires Derek
Derek chooses to defy Richard’s orders on the wrong day, and Richard gives him the boot. But Derek chooses to defy that boot, too, telling Richard to sleep on it. Little do either of them know that their roles at Seattle Grace will be reversed before long.
8. Richard starts drinking
It was the relapse no one wanted to see happen, but in a way, it was the rock-bottom moment that Richard needed to kick-start his journey back to Chiefdom.
6. Funeral fun
We were all expecting a weepy funeral for George, and we got one for a few minutes, but then Shonda Rhimes surprised us by having Izzie, Meredith, Cristina, and Alex excuse themselves from the proceedings to go have a laughfest about their messed-up lives. It was shocking, but also oddly fitting.
10. Adele's accusation
Okay, we know Richard's been acting all whack and that he has a checkered past. But really, Adele? You think Bailey, of all people, is sleeping with him? Seriously? Rein in that paranoia of yours, woman!

9. Arizona's profession of love
After the world's worst surprise party, Arizona finds Callie asleep on the couch. Callie wakes up and starts blabbering — in a totally cute way — about how there are still party favors and donuts. The cuteness is not lost on Arizona, and she suddenly says, "I love you." Callie's world is rocked, but she is articulate enough to say it back.

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